Upstate NY,indoor start, Outdoor Auto grow


So its been about 7 days in this pic, on the left are two Blueberry Autos, in the middle are WW Fem. as well as the right side.
I accidentally pulled a Newbie and ordered the Fem White Widows thinking they were Autos(20 of them) and only ended up with 3 Blue Berry autos. One BB is now lost in a grow , Oh well, I am a newbie to buying from ILGM and starting plants indoors( I usually grow entirely outdoors)

I didn’t like and was not used to the little egg trays the guy at the Hydro store set me up with, it took me a bit to figure out the watering technique, my little girls had curled Cotyls in no time proly from over watering and being too close to the light, so I planted another WW in a larger pot, This one grew the same size as the others in half the time with a mix I made from 3 different soils and Perlite, very happy little lady(she is also still inside for a few more days)
The first tray went out today to their permanent home, the soil mix was:
MG moisture control potting soil, Canna Cocoa Coir,Vigoro/Organic potting mix and Perlite.
For transportation each bag was individually mixed 1/4 each soil mix ,1 bag per plant. and I made a spray bottle as well.
Soo… I am interested in how the Autos will fare after a transplant , Lets keep our fingers crossed, they were both looking and doing very well, and unfortunately I planted Fem. White Widows with about 10 -11 weeks grow time Max, I’m gonna lose proly half the grow weight on those ladys , but we’ll see what I can do.
Right now were worried about critters ,bugs and animals. I do have an Organic bug spray, Alaska fish fertilizer 5-1-1, organic Veg. growth and Moon Dust to play with.
I"ll be checking on 9 starts plus 3 popped germs in a couple of days, lets see how this goes !!!


So its been a couple of days since the plants went out side , and I couldn’t be happier, the Autos are doing very well as are the White Widows. Here is a pic of the newly transplanted Blueberry Auto ( they both look this good)

With thunder storms coming in this weekend I decided to make some plant protectors out of 16oz. water bottles
These are brought to the guerilla grow site in a back pack along with water and my spray mister
After a spray mist and about 10 ML. of water the plants are housed under the bottle for protection of the oncoming thunder storm.
This will stay for the weekend before removal, the plants will have adequate ventilation and protection from any pounding rain. I also make these out of 2 ltr. bottles.
Plants are doing Great so far , only one had some bug bites , AND I got a new sprout from a germed seed planted only two days ago.
There is a bit of work to these Guerilla grows, Getting there unseen is half the battle.


Nice job. I mostly looked at the pictures. I also use those round propagation trays. I have 2-3 sizes but generally use the 38 cell tray. 2: netpots fit perfectly into the 38. :slight_smile:
Happy growing


Hey @latewood, Wow 38 tray , I didn’t halfway fill a 24 LOL, Just a quick question , what is a net pot and what do they do ?


Looks like you are off to a fine start. GL and please keep us posted.


Yeah I will keep it going, its a little interesting because of a few reasons, first it is a guerilla grow, second I only have two Autos -blueberry-, 3rd, I accidently bought White widow Fem. thinking they were Autos so that sucks, but we"ll se how they come out, I"ll proly be moving this post to Grow Forums in the Beginners forum as of my next post, when I do I"ll post that here.


the only net pots i know of are these or similar 2’–8’


Oh, ok, netpots, kinda thought it was that Hydro stuff, unfortunately I don’t do hydro, I’m a soil guy, I really don’t have the energy for hydro, my fishing takes up all my time


I personally think I spend less time with my girls now that I’m growing with hydro instead of soil. Just my opinion though.


Netpots are used in hydroponic systems. I think they were originally designed to grow Orchids becuase I used to find them under Orchid pots.

They are a pvs pot with a netting type design. We use 2" in the 38 tray. I do not use thes e for pot, generally; I use them for peppers maters cukes, etc.

Sizes we use 2", 3" (rain gutter system), 3.75" what I use in my bubblers or ebb and flow trays, and 5" I bought 5" at 1st but, found them unnecessary for pot. You just don’t need that big a netpot.

Then there is the bucket style like Hammer showed you. I have one of those but, again, I don’t use them because they require too much hydroton (expanded clay)

p.s. I will be stocking netpots in my hydroshop, if I ever get it up and running again.


You proly do and its because you know what you"re doing, I don’t even understand the language you guys talk half the time, LOL. I like my out door grows , as a matter of fact I just checked on them on my way back from fishing tonight in the light of the moon, very cool.


Thanks for the info, I’m learning so much from this site every week, maybe next year I may try an indoor grow, but like I was just telling @ktreez420, I don’t even understand the language you guys speak half the time, LOL , its all good !!
Thanks again :


If you could only figure out a way for the fish to help out with the outdoor hydro system, hmmm . . . :laughing:


OK so its been a while since the last time I posted any thing on this , so I’m going to continue this in the Beginners Grow Forum, It just got a little Interesting!!!