Upstate NY, Auto Grow, a Continuation, this got interesting!

So its been a while since I posted on this grow, Its been a very hard season as the weather has not been in my favor, But Alas! good things did come forth.I lost a lot of plants due to severe rain and very high temps, my Autos also didn’t fair so well after their transplants… so I started some more.:slight_smile: src="//" width=“690” height=“414”>and they took off quite well…sort of The plants seemed to grow at various stages due to weather and soil conditions, weed growth all around them took over prime growing area, It was difficult managing a healthy grow site with 8 foot tall weeds choking my plants.But good things started to happen, so I contacted my friend at [] and he set me up with some ( Earth Juice organic bloom feed and BIOCANA bloom enhanceras well as some Earth Juice Rooters Mycorrhizae to help speed up the process of the last few weeks of this grow.
I’m going out tomorrow for the first time in many days to see my Ladies during daylight hours and get some more pics for this post.

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And I have no idea how my friend Bernie and his boat got into this post, sorry for those of you that missed it , I already erased the pics of his beautiful boat:unamused:

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This was the last time I saw my plants during the day, about 1 week ago.and this is what I"ll be feeding them for the last few weeks

OK, so I’m back today with some more pics , and we all love photos! Just a little something before I start.
This grow was started 2 months ago, It was an indoor start with Autos(blueberry) and White Widows. Then brought Outdoors . And totally a Guerilla Grow. All supplies are brought to the grow site VIA mountain bike and is approx… 2 Mi. from my house. Due to weather and various other mother nature related issues this was one tough grow. But as I stated I kept with it, tended the grow site and watered, nuted and sprayed plants regulary.
Suddenly things started to happen!!

ompleteThis is plant number 1, a Blueberry I believe totally stunted by the transplant and hit hard by mother nature.ansPlant 2 is also a Blue berry stunted hard by the transplant but hanging in there. stayed with these plants through thick and thin.bloomThis is plant 4 and 5 trying very hard to bloom as well.she is the tThe last is a White Widow planted a month later and trying to catch up, she is the largest and tallest of all the plants at 4 feet.
So there we have it, they were just watered and nuted today, we"ll see where this next few weeks takes this grow, if all goes well I should have approx. 30 more days of good grow time.


Nice. I heard weather up there was off this year. My wife went back to Ithaca for 3 weeks this summer I had to stay injured my foot bad. Miss that area. Nice plant out in the beauty of nature. Nothing better

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Yeah weather got Nasty Hott then Humid and Rained every other day really bad whole month. Yep, Love my outdoor grows, glad to be back doing it !! Hope your doing better.

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Yes. Bone finally healed now to work on the plantars flacitiatis. Not fun

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I’m back

with more pics, got a little bored today and went to check on the ladies, one problem with marbling on one of the plants
Any idea what could be doin that? :sunglasses:

@garrigan62, @ktreez420, any idea what could be marbling my leaf? :fearful:last pic, kind mega nuted per directions on the Rainbow nutrients

Damn, I hate to say it but it looks like Tobacco Mosaic Virus, or some type of mosaic virus. I had this once on a plant! I think @dumme can help identify too. @garrigan62 can help out too!

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@kabongster should be able to help as well. I really suck at identifying issues still.

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Dam, what happens now, its only on one leaf, and only half of that, can I cut it off@garrigan62

If it’s just one leaf I would remove and destroy it. Take a good clear pic to post of just the removed leaf for closer inspection and watch for more signs of it returning.

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Hiya…I recall (and will do a search for it) someone mentioning a pH swing for a cause for one leaf marbling with a curl to it.

maybe one watering was off a little.

better a pH lapse than TMVirus, which I wouldn’t discount.

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I’ll wait for garrigan to give you the advice on what to do next, but I can tell you what I did!

Nothing. I didn’t clip the leaves, I didn’t do anything. It was on a few leaves for me too, but I truly thought it was beautiful and not harmful, so I left it. My plants finished great too, so I’m not really too sure what TMV does to the plant other than marble the leaves and cause them to twist. :v:


I did go heavy on a ph swing thanks

Very cool, I wasn’t too nervous just never saw it on any of my plants ever, kinda cool lookin in real person, I’ll try to get better pics.

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OK, so its been a few days since I took some pics , so lets see where this Outdoor Soil Grow is going

This is plant no. 1, a Blueberry Auto, fighting hard to come back from a severe stunting after a transplant, she went through all kinds of hell including a very reduced amount of direct sunlight. Plant no. 3 , I almost gave up on her, the tiniest of all plants, she now has a good bud growth starting which I"ll show you in my next set of posts. These are plants 4 and five , Both White Widow Autos, no. 5 is the one that got leaf schmutz or as we think TMV, she is coming back very strong, I did nothing to remove the strange leaf from the plant. And no.5 has the Biggest Bud of All the plants, which I may enter in the “Bud of the Month” for Oct. These are a couple of pics of the infected leaf from plant 5, I’m gonna use a digital camera for my next photo shoot. This is plant 6 , a Fem. White Widow, Iwanted to add a plant to my dwindling crop, she was planted late, started in July,indoors, transplanted outdoors in Aug… She is the Biggest and Tallest of all at almost 5 feet. these pics don’t do her justice, she has Tons of buds starting all over , This is the plant I wish I started in May, just Beautiful, very strong, thick stemmed.
Well, these pics were from last week, I just saw them yesterday and they were doing even better, I"ll be posting more on this outdoor grow next week. LOVE this stuff, so glad to be back !!!


It ended up to be a Nitrogen deficiency due to a ph swing and I think some cold weather, it all turned out well, I never removed the leaves and a slight nute correction solved the problem. YAYY!! That particular plant has the best cola bud.:stuck_out_tongue: