Upping the RH for my seedlings

I tested my tent’s RH, and the humidity is at 35%, which is clearly low. What’s the best method of introducing humidity? Should they be covered up (I’ve been told by some that covering can cook the plant)?


I don’t understand what you mean by covered up, what the easiest and probably safest thing is to add an inexpensive humidifier

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Cover it with a Ziploc if possible humidity is probably gunna have to come up about 35-40% for the seedlings

You can cut a 2 liter bottle into a dome and spray mist inside and cover ?

Lmao I use 16 oz water bottles of I’m out of ziplocs

Thanks for all the responses. Really happy that I found this community.

I will do the plastic bottles to cover for now. @Paranorman, sorry for not being more clear. I meant something like covering them with a bottle for the time being while they are seedlings.

I don’t expect the humidity in the room they’re in to naturally increase over time, so to add moisture later, is it best to station a humidifier near the air intake of the tent? (Obviously, inside the tent sounds like a bad idea)


Yes that would work

No prob, I’d rather ask if I wasn’t sure.
It won’t work outside near the hole, I tried it

mines in my back left corner, I fill it every couple days and I can dial in my RH anywhere from 45 to 75, I keep it 50-60% by running it on a timer for half hour on and an hour off


That’s a good idea, I knew you could get it, And a half hour on and half hour off should be perfect, great thinking buddy

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This is awesome. Thanks for the pic, that makes it so much easier to figure out.