Upper plant discoloration and apparent stunted growth

Can you plz help a kind brother figure out a solution?
7.5 weeks in. Photos started in HFrog. Later T’plnt to 5gl pots w/FFOF.
Recently started to prune some upper leaf to allow light into center of ladies about 2wks ago. Last done 5days ago. I must’ve overdone it because growth is stopped to barely minimal. Looks like yesterday they might’ve shown a sign of restarting growth and as of today it looks like they’ve maybe come up about under an inch. Plus this scary discoloration Which seemed to start over a good week ago. I have used only water until last week. I gave them FoxFarm Grow thinking it could help deal with that yellowing. I had just put up the scrog as everything was then coming to a screeching halt. :flushed: Yes, I’m a tad freaked and racking my brain wondering what and if there is anything to be done other than maybe just being patient which is torture as I just want to help the gals out after I’ve caused them this grief.
Thx for any help friends :v:

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Both Wedding Cake

Both Gelato

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New growth will come in light in color (lime green) and darken over time. You may be experiencing a combination of that and a bit of light bleaching. At this point I see no cause for concern.


@Myfriendis410 Thx for the calming words. New bulb since start, a 1000W HPS 26>27 inch above canopy. Would you say that’s good or maybe tweek it?
The waiting is the hardest part - just like Tom Petty said.
I have a soil pH and moisture unit combo along with water pH tester arriving tomorrow just to be on the safe side that everything is cool there too

Could be this.

Looks similar…
I’ll read up on that now

Here is a chart to help pinpoint deficiencies she looks like she asking for nitrogen impo also how long has the plants been in the FFOF soil this soil comes packed with good nutrients for the plant but for only a few weeks then you have to either top dress with a organic fertilizer or begin bottle nutrients

@LiesGrows Thx, they’ve been in OF 4 wks now. Oh wow I thought with what’s in OF I could go a bit longer b4 hitting w/nutes. I bet others will agree I should give them some OF Grow then.


Hey - if they ate the nutes out of the OF that quickly then you probably have some good healthy vigorously growing ladies on your hand.
At least a half dose of nutes couldn’t hurt unless you’re using Jacks. They’re pretty mellow on plants so you could probably go full strength with that.
They look good and healthy otherwise.

@Tylersays Yes, hoping the situation is that simple. Sounds logical as needs a boost of nitrogen. I had been pruning to get some light penetration over the course of some days and they must’ve use all that was available recovering from that as well. I will use OF Grow in the upcoming watering and continue to watch. :v:

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I think that would be the safest course of action.
Good Luck!!

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Yeah some plants will use it up faster some slower but at 3 weeks I start nutrients I also use a calmag product or Epson salts every other watering id definitely recommend starting nutes at half strength a good 600ppm to 800ppm feeding should do them good and they should bounce back

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Zinc def is pretty rare IMO and probably would bring lights up a bit. Monitoring runoff TDS is a sure way to know when to start to supplement. Autos typically require (or tolerate) lower salt concentrations than photoperiod plants (don’t know what yours are).

When your runoff TDS drops to around 2,000 ppm is when you would want to start some nutes. Usually about the time of flower. I might suggest doing a bit of research before using an FF product. I would suggest Jack’s 3-2-1 program which is the easiest, cheapest, low stress nute line going right now. There’s a bunch of growers on here using it.


Way too much light, specially for vegging plants. I’d move it up about a foot.


@Myfriendis410 Thx.
The gals are photos

Thx, will do!

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Sorry to say my gals did not recover.
Rookie mistake was not checking my tap water pH. When I grew 10yrs ago in same location I was successful with every crop. Never checked pH once and never had a problem. Top shelf yield each time. I made mistakes this time out and City water changed I believe quite a bit since. 9.58 out of tap now. I have since got pH down to correct.
Next round commenced. 2 W’Cake have broke soil on Thanksgiving. Wish me luck - I WILL succeed this time!