Upper Leaves Browning

First grow, I’m trying to determine what is happening here, the upper leaves are turning brown, rather quickly, I thought it was a PH fluctuation at first, I was down around 5.6 last cycle and typically shoot for 5.8, which is where it is now. Currently I’m at 10ml GH FloraMicro, 5ml GH FloraGro, 15 ml GH FloraBloom and 5ml GH Cal-Mag for the 2 gallon tank. I’m not entirely sure what week of flowering I’m in…possibly the 5th?

  • Blueberry Autoflower
  • Hydroponic recirculating
  • Bucket
  • PH is around 5.8
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable: N/A
  • Indoor
  • LED grow lights bloom and veg
  • Temps; 75 F during the day, 72 F at Night
  • Humidity; 40-45%
  • Ventilation system; Yes, 4" ducting
  • Small de-humidifier
  • Co2; No

Should probably be at 10ml for 2 gallon. The plant is showing both calcium and magnesium.

This is also important to know.

I upped the Cal-Mag, along with raising the PPM to 1000, it must’ve been closer to 600 prior to that. So I’m assuming this late in the game that I had nutrient deficiencies all the way around?

I might be totally full of it but, when I see deficiencies show up at the top of the plant then I think the Extra nutrients are needed because the lights are possibly too bright/close.

Maybe turn the veg switch off and see if that slows down the dying of leaves.

Come to think of it, I did just add another light that I had leftover from my vegetables, maybe it’s too much? They are about 12" from the top of the plant. Should I not be using the veg at all right now? I was under the impression both veg and bloom were good during the bloom.

I recently started experimenting with what happens if there is too much light. I tried using 600 actual watts of LED lights in a 3x3 tent, or about 65 watts per foot. It did what yours did, bringing out a calcium (mostly) and magnesium (to a lesser extent), deficiency from what I could determine.

If you think about what happens when you grow outdoors with photoperiod plants, the most vigorous growth and need for lights is mid June (assuming Northern hemisphere) where the sun is highest in the sky with the most hours of light. As the plant matures there is less light available for it as the sun gets lower in the sky and days get shorter. Seems to me that growing indoors that can be replicated by giving your girls lots of light in late veg/early flower, but back off near the middle to later flowering stages.

Might want to try dimming the lights to see what happens.

I really appreciate the help, I don’t really have a dimming capability, I did move it off to the side of the tent. I’ve been doing 18/6, I could step it down to 12/12? That, in conjunction with the PPM and cal-mag adjustments, I’m hoping will help. I’m just worried that I’ve already done irreversible damage.

The only permanent damage is some loss of leaves.

In my experiment the buds did seem to ripen quicker and were essentially done after 7 weeks of flower. Don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. I managed to get a gallon of dried buds off the one plant.