Upgrading tent thus lights

I’m going to be upgrading my first and oldest tent next grow, tent setuo #2 is doing good, it’s a 2x4x7 with a 320xl.
I’m thinking of upgrading 4x5 to out four plants in but still have space or if i can’t fit it then a 4x4.
What light/lights should I combine with my HLG 320xl to flower 4 plants?
Should I grab another 320xl and call it good?



Exactly what I’d do.


I would for sure if you go with 4x5. It’s probably a little more than you need for 4x4, but you can always dim if you feel the need to. I think having a set of fixtures makes the most sense.


It’s a 4x4 but the 1x4 space will be used for storage /starting plants or garden herbs / space for my humidifier.
So in reality a 4x4…

Does that change your opinion @Myfriendis410 @dbrn32

Not really. It’s more light than neccessary, but probably a better option than having different coverage from one side of tent to other.

Thanks for the quick reply to both of you.

I will probably get it this fall when I probably update my tent.
Then shortly after I will probably get my second AC infinity T6 because my cheap duct fan is so loud even though it moves more air, makes to much noise lol.

We will see what happens with covid…
Right now I’m working at the border screening anyone entering Alberta from the US, alot of people going to Alaska I tell ya! Half of them military it seems.


I think 2 of what you already have. One 320 is perfect for flowering in a 2.5x5 space.