Upgrading Lights from MH-TS600 which is 100 Watts to 300 Watts Lights Need advice Need to Fit in 2/2/5,5 tent

So This is the day I’m buying decent 300 Watt lights to fit in my 2/2/5,5 Tent.

I used to run Mars Hydro TS-600 which are 100 Watts from the wall.

I need to get Good 300 Watts lights which will increase my final yield significantly.

I’ve Mainlined my Plants Nugbuckets style for 8 Colas for each plant and would like to push out the maximum Yield possible out of those 2 plants. Will have 16 main colas in total. I’m just finishing my manifolds on both plants and I assume I will need to veg these for at least 2 more months before flipping them to flower on new lights under the 12/12 schedule. Obviously I don’t want to use 100 watt lights because it will not help in making main colas fat enough to justify the effort I’ve put into creating perfect 8 Colas manifolds on both plants.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Advice and help for the Best lights I can get.

My budget is in between 200-400 dollars looking for most powerful Quantum Leds I can get to fit in my tent.

I have considered Mars Hydro 2000’s range which is 300 watt light and is perfectly square so it will fit in my tent.
I’ve considered Samsung HLG 260 XL’s as advised by myfriendis410 but these won’t fit to my 2 by 2 by 5,5 tent.

Before you ask No I cannot get a bigger rectangular shape tent to accommodate the Samsung Rectangular shape due to Limited space in the grow room. Or at least can’t do that for another Year.

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@dbrn32 is my go-to light expert. There are also plenty others that may can help.

Good luck! :v::+1:t2::sunglasses:

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Search the topic “let’s talk diy lights”!

Hey @2Fast I believe if I had a 3x3 I would hang this light in it. Looking at the par map with the ppfd it shows it would comfortably veg n flower your 3x3 and produce some nice quality buds


In a 2x2 I would use a 288 board from HLG. That’s gonna be the best light you can buy for your tent.

You can either buy the entire kit from HLG or you can buy the board and heatsink from HLG…and then buy the power supply from somewhere else. That would save you a little coin.

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Go with standard qb 260 kit in r-spec or hlg-300L