Upgrading Lighting!

Hi guys, been growing for the past 3 years now and it’s time to do some upgrades, one of the upgrade will be the grow tent, from a 110cmx110cmx200cm to a 120cmx240cmx200cm. Now the next upgrade will be the lighting and this is where I need your help. Currently I have x2 Kingbo 900w leds, they are pretty solid and I’m happy with them however been reading forums and watching videos about high end light offer more spectrum light. I’m no expert and there are a lot of different opinions which are confusing me. I found the company Spider Farm, specifically the Spider Farmer SF-2000 or Spider Farmer SF-4000. Does anyone ever used them and had good results? Or any opinions of other brands. Below are the specs of the Kingbo and the Spider Farm.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated

would be appreciated