Upgrading grow light!

Hey @dbrn32 , hope your doing well. I want to upgrade my grow light for a 5x3 grow closet , I really just want to buy 1 light that covers or comes close to the 5 foot length and still have a good aesthetic. I’ve been searching gavita and HLG but I’m not very good with this kind of stuff. Thank you for your time .

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The HLG 320 Watt XL Quantum Board LED Kit V2 Rspec might be a good option to consider for a 3x5 too. It looks like the 350R has better diodes, though I’m not too familiar with the newer models. The 350R certainly looks like a great light too.

Eager to heard Dbrn’s take on it as well.

Happy growing.

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The hlg-350r is kinda meeting bare minimum requirements there. If you wanted to be more in line with middle to upper end I would check out chilled tech growcraft x3 500.

3x5 isn’t a very common grow space, unfortunately not a lot of options in a single fixture that will provide good density and coverage.

Will do , thank you very much @dbrn32

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Went with the chillLed , hopefully I’ll be seeing you in bud of the month soon! Thanks again @dbrn32

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Awesome, let me know what you think when it’s up and running

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Hey @dbrn32 , Seems pretty powerful! My seeds from ilgm were a bit delayed but they are germinated and in coco . Looking forward to this grow ! Thanks again


Sweet! Can’t wait to see them

Hey @dbrn32 looking to upgrade to more of a commercial High end light . What would you recommend? It’s hard deciding between these brands . I had good results with the chilledtech but just wanna get the best. My growing skills have developed very far and I think I’m ready for the Ferrari lol. Tops 2k though . As always thank you and much appreciated!

I’ll be working a 8x8 next

Chilled tech is as good or better than anything else im aware is available.

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