Upgrade lighting?

Hi everyone so I’ve been waiting to upgrade my light,
I have a 4x4 currently and using 1 HLG 300 R and using 2 smaller light to fill in the gaps. Spider farm 1000, virparspec xs1500. Would like 1 light for everything, lots of cords and heat issues. I like my HLG but a new blackbird is 850, kinda like the bar design found this what y’all think, what would be suggestions. Plan to put other light to use in another tent.


Tagging a spider farmer cultivator @MeEasy

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Thanks for the tag @OGIncognito, hi King, I like these bar lights they really get the light spread out the $600 vipar is better imo than the spider or Mars because it has a few more watts and the 301H diodes but right now Mars has their 650w fc6500 (not the fcE6500) on sale for 720 bucks if you can swing it it would get you to 1000 ppfd all the way into the corners of the tent and is even good for a 5x5 if you ever wanted to go bigger. Spider Farmer has pretty much the same light it’s just not on sale right now. I have a fc6500 on the way gonna give it a test drive for Mars.
I’m happy Mars is moving over to Samsung diodes the E models don’t have them which is why they are cheaper, they do have more watts to make up for the diodes so they are still really good lights


Thanks a lot for the info


Decisions Decisions :laughing: :rofl: good luck with whichever you choose :wink:

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