Upgrade lighting

Went from a koscheal 2000 with only pulled little over 200w to this beauty tsw2000 in pre flower


She will do great there is a couple here running that light neofirebird is one of them


Should do well. That’s the most common light I see in tents online. Results are notable.

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Been researching LEDs here recently to upgrade my prehistoric HID system. Several r on the short list including your beautiful Mars, tsw 2000 it looks great. My concern was heat, because of there passive cooling system. I’m sure ur going to love it, if it preforms as per advertised. Great upgrade, I hope it does everything u want of it…:alien:


Thanks so far temps are 81°f I like much better so far then the blurple light was a good light to start with

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Who here didn’t start with a blurple, I’d bet more, than would b willing to admit it. Keep it they work great n a small area, to clone r crack some beans, r supplement any other light u got. I just purchased a Spider Farm sf2000 for cloning n bean cracking. It’s light adjustable, n they threw n some adjustable hangers, it also has Samsung Diodes. So I’m a convert, I’ll b upgrading to LEDs as soon as I save up some expendable $$. Do the inter web research, U-Tube, n different makers web pages. Good Luck my friend, I truly hope u get what u need to produce some righteous nugs. Glad to help out anyway I can…:v::v: :alien:

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