Updated smoke reports


@MattyBear thanks for all the info brother it helps alot


@Hogmaster what were the flavors and high like with Skywalker og?


No problem homie :v:


Good clean head. High mine where a milky


I haven’t grown any ilgm strains, so I apologize that my smoke reports do not cover local genetics, so to speak. :grinning:


I like the thought of reports on ilgm strains so members can get info for choosing their next grows. But all info helps @blackthumbbetty


Tried Amnesia Haze last night. Full body hit right up front. Smooth earthy taste that is sweet and really light taste of vanilla but yes I got that metallic taste too. Hits pretty hard and is a bit of a creeper.


I’m a little concerned about the metallic taste from the hazes. I’m currently growing 3 different Haze strains!


I think it’s common with most of the hazes but have only grown Amnesia so far. It’s not real strong and doesn’t wreck the smoke but it is noticable.


Ive got black widow vegging right now.

Skywalker OG getting ready to harvest. It looks great, with nice dense colas. Smells fantastic during flower. Definitely susceptible to boytritis in humid weather. Bud rot is trying my patience


I’ve been smoking another members ILGM Pineapple Haze for nearly a year. No metallic taste, just fruity and tasty. In fact, he gave me a clone and I have my own PH ready for harvest tomorrow. Smells like juicy fruit gum (h/t @dbrn32) if you ask me and tastes similarly!!! I also have a purp haze growing but that one is a mystery (not ilgm genetics)


That’s reassuring. Not that I wouldn’t smoke it anyways but I might have made different selections when ordering. Who knows though, might end up being my favorite smoke. We’ll find out around Christmas.


That’s reassuring @Screwauger. Thanks for the input. Mine doesn’t taste bad it’s just that it’s is noticable


Chocolope report. It’s medium strength 16-18% would be my guess. Nice smoke without a throat hit. The taste though… Slight spice with soft coffee and chocolate flavor. So yes it tastes like a Mexican mocha. Really like this one. Hopefully with some more cure time I can get that banana smell back that I had during the grow.


I’m into trying a haze that has some other flavors mixed in, for sure. I’d hope pineapple haze would taste more pineapple than haze. :grinning:


I’ll have 2 separate super-skunk reports. Harvested the first early and it is drying now, when the very first amber showed up, about 70% cloudy. Hoping for a more energetic morning smoke. The other is still going strong and I’m holding off as late as possible to really get the indica effect.


Is there a possibility that your incense taste was un-flushed nutes?


No. I flushed her very well.


Happy birthday @Whodat66


Big bud is kinda weird. Giggly high then lights out after an hour. I made butter with it and it was a heavy body high. Earthy taste but not much of a flavor profile.