Updated pics S.Skunk,S.S.Hase


This is day twenty after trying a 36 hour dark period to kick things off.



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@latewood @garrigan62 @MacGyverStoner @hillcrest21678 this is day 41. Looks like the S.Skunks are on target for around 47 day maturation. The S.S.Haze on the left have heavier buds and they have another 30 days to go. I have been pouring in at 6.0 but finding out that in order to stay around 6 for a runoff I need to pour in around 6.5 -6.6. The skunks seem to not tolerate lower ph as well as the haze. Could I have lost weight do to low ph for too long. Once the organic nutes built up some I feel I should have compensated with a higher ph at feeding time. Thanks to latewood I feel confident with this prognosis.


Skunky tricombs.



Your ladies look awsome . You should do very well at harvest.
It’s just fantastic how we all help each other out and than we get rewared with results likes this. I know one thing for sure…make me smile😀
Please let us know the final out come !
Your friend


Thanks, I’ll bet the S.S.Haze gets huge outside. I will let you know what the results are. I think I’ll be taking the first one a week from now.


All I can see is that IMO there doesn’t seem to be enough light penetrating the entire plant. The smaller plants are definitely going to take on a more airy bud and be less dense unless you get deeper light penetration.

You see all that dark on the bottom 1/2?

Overall plants look great.


Although with new cheapy bulbs I’m pumping 180,000 lumens into a 5’10" square with ceiling paint from top to bottom with a picture it certainly shows dark areas. Most of the large leaves have rather fallen or been taken but still I do agree that some well spectrummed t-5 40,000 lumens fixtures hanging on the walls shining inward are in the future I think. My theme has always been to learn how to push my plant just to see what happens.trick seems to be keeping them healthy. Thank you for pointing that out. I’ve never thought of it the way you did cause when you first walk in you eyes can hardly stand the intensity.


Well, I’m not sure, but I may have picked the first skunk plant too soon. Also the stuff smelled fruity like I’ve never seen, but at the end of drying the stuff lost its good flavor and got a little harsh. I was trimming and putting straight into paper bags( which I’ve always done) but this time buds were in a large double layered paper bag( maybe for potatoes) and I’m thinking this bag was too thick, so I’m going to try hanging buds like others do but I’m concerned about air quality affecting the final quality.


garrigan62, I was too nervous to post my harvest weight , probably because I am old school, but I got almost nineteen ounces from the SS Haze on the left and only nine ounces from the skunk on the right. I took clones from these and the next crop , because the skunks finished so much sooner than the haze I grew six of each in five gallon pots instead of seven gallon pots and scrogged them both. This time the skunks only gave me six ounces totall from five plants, and fifteen ounces from the haze plants. But these babies were not given any silica (Rhino Skin), or mass amounts of ph adjuster. I cut way back on the store bought concentrated nutrients and used bat and chicken poop and the quality of the taste is amazing! Especiallby now the the bud has aged a bit in jars in the cool basement. The Rhino Skin left my weed with an odd flavor, almost harsh. The buds were much bigger though.



Good lookin what you go cookin! :+1:

Great looking plants bro! Keep the updates coming!



Yup, I can see what you’ve noticed. The buds were so tight on the top that even the shaded buds were tighter than my local friends that grow. They really wanted to know how I did it, but I didn’t tell 'em.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but all it is is that I’m in a tiny room with 180,000 lumens and every surface is reflective. Blinds me every time I open the door.:grin: