Updated pics of the girls middle of week 4

I watered better and got a new 1000w led how they looking?

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Happy healthy girls. Remember always take pics in natural light. Gives a much better idea of how healthy they look or whatever diagnosis u need

dabs beat u again LoCo

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Sweet… nicely grown freind…get some pics w/o the blurples … natural light so we gets a better look… pot porn rocks

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Looking good. you should start a journal and keep everything there. Weekly updates and such

Supplementing with calmag?

@PurpNGold74 I do not have cal mag… should i be using that? And if so how do i know how much to use?

Yes. Itll go along way in the grow. I start em around half a tsp per gallon then amp up as i see the need. Those dots spread like wildfire

@PurpNGold74 I am gunna water and feed tonight… any suggestions on how much in that?

Those are NPK supplements. Macronutrients. So if any its minimal…

This is FF cal mag supp https://www.amazon.com/FoxFarm-Gringo-Rasta-Cal-Mag-Quart/dp/B07CG1RQ1H