Updated photos of outdoor grow!

Hello ILGM peoples,

2nd time using Roberts seeds !

Having read multiple information from Robert ILGM that I’m really excited to see what comes of this.

Thank you to all the forum members who have helped me a long with their knowledge .

Only issue is with 2 plants that have curly Q tops ? Hoping they will grow out of it.
Anyways see pictures



Oh yeah that is Food grade DE, that I spray on the plants with soap

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My goodness they look beautiful! Wow they are huge :grin: very nice job!

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Thank u,

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Umm, Houston, we’ve got a forest!

What strains?

Not sure on the curly cue, have you tried manually pulling apart to see if anything is making them stick together ?

I found a caterpillar in a curly cue-ish section this morning with a cat in it.