Updated homegrow

5 days ago, added 8 tablespoons of alfalfa meal and 1 1/2 cups of earthworm castings. Scratched the alfalfa meal into the soil about 2 inches deep, then just put the castings on top of the soil and watered generously. In that 5 days, its started on its third set of leaves! Incredible! Growing like a beast!


Looking good @Drillbit

sound asleep. Awwww:sleeping:
Look how the water drops form on the edges of the leaves. She’s so pretty.

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Great looking plant keep up the good work
Happy growing

Looking great!


What do you all think, still looking good? Or should I be concerned with the yellowing I’m seeing?

The yellowing is on the bottombottom leaves in case it doesn’t show in the pic.

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You may need to add a little calmag but in general shes looking great buddy

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Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971. Just ordered some. Be here in five days. Think I’ll be ok til then?

I agree with Hogmaster. I see a magnesium deficiency. I think I do anyway, since I am legally blind…LOL

Will it make it for 5 days?

Can anyone give a diagnosis? I transplanted from the bucket cause it had outgrown it. I’m still seeing yellowing and now spots. Haven’t used any nutes since the transplant. Should I? Did have alfalfa meal and earthworm castings in the bucket but havent used it since. It was doing great until it’s roots outgrew the bucket. Now I’m having issues getting it to bounce back. Used a little cal mag yesterday, still not seeing what I’d like to see. Any advice?