Updated 2nd Blueberry grow

only doing 2 seeds this time. have my DWC setup, 3 air stones and a fountain pump, drip lines to the cubes. the netted pots are above some flexible underground rain gutter tubing, with an air stone under each one to focus bubbles directly up. 2 1500w led lights (not 1500w power draw) this is beginning of week 6, already flowering! been writing down everything, getting ready for some different strains.IMG_20211031_191514545|666x500


Week 7 started. Gave nutrient burn on last water batch. Didnt pay attention to the fact the Flower nutrients have a good amount of potassium in them, ended up with too much. At least now i know the max nutrients for both Micro(1T) and Grow stages (2t), Flower is one i need to figure out, but the label indicates to use twice as much as Micro, so ill work up to that.