Update to my first grow. (Week 9)

9 weeks since planting. 4th week of flowering. The Sour Diesel responded to LST much better. I’ve been afraid to remove more of the leaves of the Super Skunk. Both have recovered well from the nutrient deficiency. How do these look? I’m thinking at least 2 more weeks before harvest.
Sour Diesel

Super Skunk


They’re looking good! Unfortunate to say they’re closer to 6 weeks before they’ll be ready.


@Lanierrs yes gunna have to agree your are only 2 maybe 3 weeks flower 6-9 weeks left depending on strain

Agree with above. They look good but you got a ways to go. See all those white pistils (hairs)? They almost all need to be recessed back into the plant and amber in color.


Your Sour Diesel is looking GREAT!!! :+1:

Your Sour Diesel (auto) will probably need about 14 weeks.

I am in the “cure” phase of Sour Diesel auto which I harvested 98 days from germination. The last 3 weeks I ran the carbon “scrubber” almost nonstop - she will get VERY oderiferous towards harvest.
You should get a microscope to view the tri-chomes “up close”. The model I use connects to a cell phone and will magnify up to 2,000x. (Runs about US$30/Amazon).

Remember: Growing is learning . . .