Update: seeds have arrived


I ordered several seeds and it has been a month now, and still havent arrived.

I have sent about 5 emails (one a day) to customer service over the last week, several forum entries and no response.

I am again trying the Forum to possibly get some response from these scam artists.
|ORDER #675325|

Hmm? Ive never heard of ilgm scamming someone? I suppose its possible?


Hi, really sorry.

I received them just before (an hour ago) and because didn’t hear back from the last week came to the worst conclusion.

Didn’t hear back. I suggest a site chat, or even an autorespond perhaps a ticketing system.

Sorry, I panick because ripped off so many times online and I really didn’t mean to cause any grief.

Will give 5 star trust pilot review… sorry again


Yeah I feel the anxiousness waiting. Covid has made things much slower too. Peace out and enjoy :wink:

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Its cool mate just don’t be so quick to jump on the scam train most of these sellers are still around because they are reliable ilgm being the most reliable us seller in my opinion

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Some seed are harder to secure than others . The issue is communication. Hopefully they can improve this, however they are honorable with fulfillment of orders.


I also think the communication of ILGM is terrible. I placed an order for 5 Purple haze and 5 gold leaf. They received my cash in 2 days, last Friday. On that same Friday the Purple Haze went on sale buy 10 get 10 free. So of course I wanted to cancel that first order, before it was shipped, and get the deal, 5 seeds for $89 or 20 seeds for $109. $20 more for 15 extra seeds, no brainer. But no one contacted me on Friday and today, Monday, the Sale is over and I missed out. And I do feel ripped off or at least let down because of bad communication. Now I have canceled the order and I will never do business with ILGM again. I will go back to buying from Attitude.

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So if you go to Walmart and buy a TV and the next day it goes on sale do you take the TV back to Walmart to get the discounted price?

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Sadly, many folks pull stunts like this…

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Out of likes, but I always just said oh well I missed the sale and might catch it next time, no big deal.


All business here in America honor sale prices. If I buy something that goes on days after I buy, within 30 days. they will honor the sale price. The point here is communication. If they would have responded to my email on Friday, they had 24 hours, I could have placed the order for the sale price on Friday or Saturday or Sunday! They told me NOTHING for 72 hours! They have canceled the order but they still have not told me how I will get my money back. I sent cash.

Yes! All businesses will give you the sale price within 30 days! This practice is standard