Update on zkittlez auto

into 6th wk of flower with my 1st grow and she has been loving the cooler Temps in the tent. Lots of trichs.


She’s pretty!


Thanks bud, 1st go at it and I’ve definitely baby the hell out of it. Probably more than I should lol

You’re doing a fine job with her. She should start her big swell in a few weeks

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I’m worried about wpm, mold bc I keep getting this damp smell in the tent. In the last pic, does the fan leaf on the left look like wpm? I removed that leaf after seeing the picture for my own peace of mind.

Did it wipe off with your finger? You have good air flow?

What’s your humidity reading?

I have an ac unit rigged up for my tent so I run the dehumidifier and it’s in the 30s… I have 4 fans inside and a scrubber/exit exhaust fan. 2 oscillating fans( 1 infront of open flap to bring in the ac and blow the lower levels of the plant. The 2nd is blowing on the top of canopy. 1 is on the floor pointed up towards the light. And the last one is at the top of the tent to eliminate any hot spots up top

You shouldn’t have any wpm at 30% and that much airflow.


Is it possible it’s something the plant is releasing or are all damp basement/wet dog smell associated with mold/rot

When I removed a leaf that was tangled due to LST and the smell was like skittles (candy, fruity) and really awesome but if u just lean up to the bud and smell, it’s that damp musk.

I have noticed also that there wasn’t much growth over the past week. Some swelling but I wonder if the rh that low is causing the growth to slow. I had a humidifier in there to get the rh in the 40-50% range but then the sMell appeared and I didn’t want to risk it with them already into flower so I removed it

Sounds like a strain thing. If I touch my bud and smell it’s fruity. If I stick my nose to the bud it’s musty. But it keeps changing. At first it was piney. Then citrusy. Now fruity.

40% is fine at this stage. Even 35 is good.

I would think that but I had a photo blue knight in there and it started doing the same thing. Reason for.thinking it was the humidifier. It was the closest to it. Zkittlez didn’t smell musky. I removed the photo and now the auto has the smell on the buds

Mine won’t see below 45% this grow. It’s just too hot to run the dehumidifier.

Ive read that wpm does not have a “smell” … most musky smells that are not strain related tend to be bud rot. I’ve looked with a fine tooth comb and do not see any signs of this. No yellowing or browning of sugar leafs. Some are twisted but I think that is due to the fans and location of leaf, Right in the bud. I’ve also checked the soil and it doesn’t have a musky smell, only the buds. Might just be paranoid bc it’s the 1st grow and don’t want to ruin it after all this time and money

With the conditions you’re describing, it’s not conditions for mold to form.

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Thanks for the info. Kinda helps put my mind at ease. Have researched and read several articles and read forums on here. Conclusion is leaning towards the plants just releasing or “breathing”. smell seems to come and/or be the strongest after feeds and when the lights come on.