Update on the bushy one

Here she is , what do you think?

And here is the one on the side of my house, she’s the only girl out of the four I had. . Now I’m gunna see how these two do . Kinda topped that last one early ,but that’s the way I did the big girl . So I’ll just have to wait and see.


Looking fantastic

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Lady looks very green and healthy. congrates.

I bet the neighbors are looking for skunks under their porchez!!

They look great. I wish I could grow outside legally here

Awesome grow!!

Cool! The little seedlings made me giggle, in a good way :+1:

Here are some new piks.

about how long do you think b4 she’s ready to harvest?


Looks good! A few weeks left, at least, I’d say, judging by the mostly white pistils.

Thanks for the reply those are the bottom buds, they are not as thick the higher up you go. But they are getting there.

New pic of the bushy one

these are the bottoms 1536426480096-875294280 1536426511544597985042 gotta keep’me propped. 1536426626206-1217515440 now the rest of her.15364266780771137671316 1536426713815957606902 one more then the close up1536426761513-868900051 1536426798888-1587798218 so let me know some input on her.