Update on my WW Autos

Update on the white widows, they are thriving!


Looking real good


Are you planning on letting them be with no training?

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Yea I am not into all that training I let them do their thing

I’ve never grown auto’s but I’m growing 3 WW photo’s. If the autos get anywhere near as big as the photo’s you might have a space issue there. My three span the full width of a 10ft room and are between 3&4 feet tall untrained.


That’s why I asked. This is the best way to learn, hopefully they go into flower at a normal time frame and at the same general time. Otherwise you will be fighting canopy light distance for all the plants, unless you run multiple light fixtures

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Nice plants very healthy.

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@BudDrJayy, how many plants is that and how long till they were at that stage. BAADDASS DUDE !!!

Beautiful looks like 5 plants has got you a full tent very nice. Good luck finishing up.

Had 7 in there had to take one out and put her outside because no more room :joy::joy::joy:

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@BudDrJayy, did you top or trim any of your crop??

Just trimmed they were way tooo bushy

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And just tied three branches to a stake because these buds are so heavy was bending my side branches and main stem lol

Do you TOP and if so do you have anything to be aware of?

I do not top autos

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Damn those wwa’s look great! This makes me never want to top an auto again. I topped four during my current grow, and I think it made them flower early not reaching their full potential. I’m sure I’ll get a couple oz’s off each but way below my goal. Great job with your girls, I’m jealous :wink:

Last time i only did 3 plants and pulled a half lb

They look beautiful man, looks like a lot of bud too!
What size is your tent??
Im going into flowering with 5 (topped) photos and I’m panicking about the space!
Yours got soo big in just 1 month! :scream::scream::scream:

4x4 i had 7 in there ran out of room had to put 1 outside lol

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