Update on my first grow

First time grow here. Just swapped to 12/12 light cycle :pray:


Looking good

They look good…the one in the middle is hungry for some phosphorus it looks like to me.
What are you using for nutrients?
Got any fish bone meal?


Congratulations. I’m still assembling components for my first grow, but you give me hope for a successful first run!

The middle wilted because of some watering issues and has been brown ever since

But this is what I have for nutes

Glad to hear! Let me know if you have questions, I’m not that experienced, but I am having some luck in figuring it out!!

How tall is your tent? Most will double in size when flipped some can triple depending on the strain.

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If we’re being honest, probably not tall enough

Good looking crop😁

I’d flip them ASAP then maybe research suppercropping to tame the height

For reference I flipped at this height

And here’s where I’m at after stretch

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They have already been flipped to 12/12.
I’ve been strategically bending the branches as a low stress taming.

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@Watt-Sun now that’s a killer setup, I tip my hat to you, sir🎩

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