Update on my baby ww af fem


Lol not a prob man!! Can you tell me by looking at them if they have a chance to turn into beautiful bountiful women? :grinning:


They all do. Just give them wat they want and they’ll do the same for you


What he said LOL


Thank you! My original crop was 21 plants. We lost 7 and 3 didn’t germinate.


Just make sure to water when your supposed to. Check on them every now n then , and most importantly be patient. Lol


Well, they will be petite beautiful ladies, being autos. Still pretty, though. Get some spinosad to keep the bugs at bay, if they are going outside.


I deffinetley will!! Thank you!


Make sure your bucket is is food grade. not a home depot bucket, or a clean paint or chem bucket. you can get free some times from resuraunts. or a small fee. also about miracle- gro. the 15-30 15 is good mixed in water… but a 24-8-16 can also be good at the right time. but in flower you need more potassium so boil bananna skins in water and use the water with your plant food for nice buds.


At Lowes or HD, they also sell ‘food-grade’, just pricier (a little) But if you are going to buy pots get fabric. Actually cheaper than the buckets if you get a multi-pack


Awesome! Thank you!


Cloth are WAY better. Plants can’t get root bound because the roots grow right through the cloth and auto-prune from the air and light. Put them on a rack of some kind though. Otherwise roots can grow right out the bottom and invade dirt underneath.


Thank you very much


Here are updates after a few days, much more growth! They are happier than ever. @Countryboyjvd1971 @Dr.DankThumb420


Can you tell me what’s wrong with my plants?


It looks like you are spraying something on them, or there is accumulation of water humidity Building up on your tent walls from the looks of that 2nd pic.
Whats ph and temp/rh ? @ravenheart1980


Can u take pic in normal lighting so we can get a grasp of whats going on in reality. Always examine possible problems with lights off


It’s just white spots almost like burn. I’m trying to fight white mold as well.