Update on my baby ww af fem

I sadly lost four babies today :frowning: I am down 14 from 20. 3 did not germinate and 4 were lost due to being a careless newbie cries I’m very sad but trying to stay positive because I do still have 14 and that is a lot!!! plus I’m getting 3 more seeds from ILGM to replace the ones that did not germinate. I realized I was using nutes too early and shouldn’t be at all because they are in soil. (Miracle gro- Yes I know everyone says to stay away but my friend used it and his came out spectacular and tasted good!) I guess every situation is different. I will keep you all posted. Thank you to everyone who has been a help to me on this forum, I appreciate you all and I am sure the next grow will be much better because I have learned a thing or two!



Mg soil is ok to use most of dont ise it because of the time release nutrients in the soil
Which is good for veg but not the best for Flowering
If you use just ph water with miracle grow during veg with photo plants outdoors you can feed nutrients durning flower to help supplement what the miracle grow is lacking
And by flower most of the time release will be used up
Also remember with time release nutrients every time you water you feed also which is another reason most of us dont use it lack of control
With that siad youll be fine just dont over water allow the soil to dry out before watering again

Post some pictures dont forget to have drain holes in the pits or buckets

Next grow look into fabric pots

They work great allow lots of o2 to the soil and air prune roots and they are inexpensive and can be reused many time
Happy growing :v:️CB

Thank you! I wonder if you can tell me if they have a prayer or not lol…….I germinated about two weeks ago…they are leggy as you have seen and only have one set of true leaves with a tiny second set coming through…is this normal? Do I need to be patient to see more growth? :confused::pensive:

@Countryboyjvd1971 here are the newest pics

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Yes be patient when they first break ground they put out the first couple leaves then they stall while they develop some roots to absorb nutes then all of a sudden the top will start to kick in. I’m no still new to but have been threw that phase before. They should perk up soon

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Here are todays!

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Just make sure you have plenty of holes in the buckets for drainage


Most people use beer cups until they are several inches tall and have a lot of roots. It’s easier to control what happens in a smaller pot. Then you should definitely use cloth pots for a final home. Vastly superior to buckets, Not that your grow will fail: You are just doing it the hard way. You need about a gallon to water those pots. Beer cups take about a cup.

Seedlings look fine.

I think you need to be a little more patient, I know it’s not easy. I personally don’t transplant to my five gallon buckets until they are decent size inside a clear solo cup. I use clear only to see the roots. I know some people will transplant from solo cup to smaller pot to then the larger permanent one. I only use the solo cup and five gallon buckets. Furthermore, You are going to use a lot more water to keep the soil moist and with such a small root system you don’t want all that water on the roots, It could cause root rot.

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You still only need a cup of water to water these seedlings, even in a 5gal bucket
If you’re using more than that, you’re overwatering. As the plants get bigger. Water a bit more.

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Only because no one mentioned it yet, you have 5 gallon buckets, but only about 2-3 gallons of soil. There will be issues with the buckets shading them, and there not being enough dirt for the roots, and limbs crowding the sides of the bucket trying to escape.

They look healthy, but I agree you need to pump the breaks a little. IMHO I would get them back into the pots for a bit before the roots take in the buckets, then add soil to within about 3 inches of the top before re-transplanting.

Just my opinion.


I was going to ask as well why you didn’t fill the buckets all the way up, or leave them in the smaller pots a bit. I usually wait until the leafs fill out and hit the rim of the smaller bucket or so then transplant. That will ensure the roots have a good foundation.

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Not trying to be mean, just helpful - and it would be time sensitive if they chose to get them back in the pots.

@dbld55, my plant is only 3 weeks into veg right now. Try and picture this shoved down below the rim of your bucket. It is only about 9" tall. This is why we are concerned.

Edited, tagged wrong person. @ravenheart1980, sorry for the confusion. meant to make sure you saw it.

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Oh, an oddball idea. If you can’t get any more soil, you might be better served to fill as many buckets as possible, and then have multiple plants in each pot. I think @Hogmaster is doing that right now and you could follow along.

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here are 5-1 20gallon supercroped about 4 foot round and 5 foot tall it’s fun :wink:

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:seedling::seedling::seedling::astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished: That was my first idea but someone told me it would be harder to deal with. But if they are having good results I’m gonna try! Ty!

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Here are updated pictures! These ladies seem to prefer it outside so seeing as they’re auto flowering I should be able to harvest before the frost!!!

@Countryboyjvd1971 @Dr.DankThumb420 @MacGyverStoner @Sirsmokes


When they are small try not to water directly around stem wayer towards edge of the pots

Ok thanks! Some told me the opposite so I’m glad too know the correct way :slight_smile:

Also be patient, since you did move them again, they might grow slowly for a few days. let the soil dry some between waterings.