Update on MALE Intruder w guaranteed black widows,Indoor grow! Hopefully it didn’t screw all my girls!

So yesterday 1 of my 3 black widows turned out to be a male pretty much overnight it seems and that’s when I noticed it! And I’m w/ them everyday,couple times a day when lights are on! idk how I missed him! even though I haven’t noticed it this whole time Cuz it looked female hopefully it didn’t mess w what I have left! Ive takin every precaution and scrubbed everything,so hopefully that works! I also have 1 Bruce Banner, 1chemdog#4, 2 black widows left and 3 skywalker morning Ogs, That I am hoping and praying weren’t affected by this Male. I bought the pop-culture pack it was guaranteed Feminized and I got one seed from growerschoice.com (chemdog#4) also guaranteed feminized. I’ve done a thorough cleaning drenched all the other girls wash the tent down with disinfectant,lights, everything I possibly could and got rid of the male. Here’s what my other girls look like now praying they don’t turn into males!! let me know what you all think! Or if you see something I dont lmk. This male thing has me thrown for a loop cux I swear it’s been female this whole time! You can even look back on pics I’ve posted throughout this grow!
Bruce banner

Chem dog#4
Black widow #2
Black widow#3
Skywalker OG#3
Skywalker OG#1
Skywalker OG#2

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These all still look like females soooo far​:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

What you have left look to be all female. You can’t tell what a plant is until they show you what they are; whether they show pistils (female) or pollen sacks (male).


I think you’ll be fine, but keep us posted.
Great work!


@Amanda87. Definitely keep us posted! I am in flower and everyone was from a clone. For the life of me I still can’t tell a make from a female unless it is ver pronounced!