Update on GG#4 any suggestions?

My gg4 is in the flowering stage now. The other was too big for the tent so i gave it to a relative.
Any suggestions on this one?

Picture isn’t working, @LowGGrow115

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Looks nice and healthy - what kind of suggestions are you asking for?

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Looking good. Keep PH and PPM in range and add some bloom nutes when scheduled, Keep temps and humidity in range and you should have a good harvest


Supercropping may be worth looking into.

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Anything really, this is my first grow and I’m looking to make this harvest very potent with big buds

I super cropped the 1 i gave away and it’s been in water for a day now. Anything I should know about super cropping? This is my first grow

Any natural ways i could raise the humidity a lil?

big bowl of water with fan blowing over it. Wet a large bath towel and hang it in your grow space.


I have used the wet towel technique to raise my RH - it works. I’ve also put a bowl of water on top of the heater in my tent when it’s been in use - that works pretty well as well. Otherwise the best way to raise RH is a big plant in the tent. :smiley:


Could it also work when drying the buds or a humidifier would be best?

If you are going to be doing this for a while, you need to invest in a good de-humidifier. Rh for drying should be 50 to 60 as you want to dry the buds as slow as possible. My last harvest I dryed to fast and the weed has a harsh taste. Probably from locking in to much chlorophyll by drying to fast. There are many tricks to drying. Some use a cardboard box, some use paper bags. Anything that will absorb moisture slowly will work.


@Bogleg is the cardboard box: I’m the paper bag lol.


I only use them if I don’t have a tent available… and thankfully my dehumidifier keeps my basement at 50% RH… last time I used the boxes and my tent because of space issues and I would say the stuff in the boxes took about two more days than the stuff that was hanging in my tent. :slight_smile:

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