Update on clones and mother

Blue dream from ILGM.com mother some leaves showing discoloration. Not to worried about it but what is it? How can I fix it? Should I be worried? Clones. Doing great. About a week into flowering. No flowers at all. Leaves are kind of lightening. Hydros leaves are discoloring at the tips. Is this usual? Only did half does of nutes into reservoir waiting a couple days then going to do other half? What are your thoughts??


@Majiktoker this is above my pay grade, can you help out?

@AMUSED2DEATH they look a little close to the led light how close are they to that

thanks @Majiktoker, but I was tagging you in to try to help @Tdave1211

tdave answer majic he is an expert and will get you back on track

Oh, snap, woops I see now.

Thanks bud, ill hang around here til he pops back in so I can get this straightened out

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I see you all over this Forum @Majiktoker , your always around and spreading your knowledge to whom ever needs it , I’d like to take this time to Thank You , it’s a very nice feeling as a beginner to know that I have help at the touch of finger tips, Thank You - You are very appreciated !!:purple_heart:



Lol or Atleast try to be


Thank you majic. Which plant are you talking about? The mother? Hydro clones or organic soil clones?

Yes the mother I assume shes the biggest one