Update on beginner grow , when should I top?

This grow started out with deformed leaves for some reason. (Other forum on my profile). I understand your supposed to top between 3-5 nodes.
With this grow I count 3 nodes with the deformed leaves. But Im not sure if i should wait until I count 3 nodes with out the deformed leaves in the bottom?

Also should i trim leaves the deformed leaves on the bottom off now ?


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rule of thumb seems to be, toping at 5th node.
it all depends what you want do accomplish with your topping???
i would give her more time.


Are you still top-feeding your DWC? How far below net pot is reservoir level? Deformed leaves can indicate either excess light or root problems. IMO I’d wait until plant was 12" high before topping, regardless of nodes.


Dont want her to grow tall and would like to do some low stress training since im not working with a lot of height.

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I still have the drip ring on top and a air stone inside the bucket. Roots are in water and white. Water level is about two inches below net pot. And i top off every few days when it get really low. Keeping ppm at around 700 and ph between 5.8-6.1.
Ill wait longer. 12” sounds good.

Should i trim off bottom leaves or no?


Stuff that is touching your media can be removed now but I’d leave as much on as possible until you flower.

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This even a good example

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That Led is doing it’s job that node spacing is crazy tight almost less than an half inch spacing. Either it’s the plants genetics or the light strength, super nice !

Light Definitely doing amazing job but it must be the genes as well cus i couldn’t get a good top for cloning :’(

If you’re going to top do at 5th node. You can remove the lower leaves, but I would wait as thet appear to make up about 75% of your plants surface area. If you have a reasonable root mass into solution I would turn off top feed too. You don’t want to risk ending up with stem rot when its unnecessary.

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I must ask what model you running, it’s definitely putting out strong :muscle:. I can’t wait to you flower and finish, I have to see how you going to manage that kind of stalk spacing, which I know for a fact if you push it, them buds will be massive and super dense.