Update on babie

Here are a few pictures of my cloned babies just curious on what people may think of how I’m doing with them ive been training a few of them for about 4 days now im also in the tent daily and spun the stalks and branches a few times a day for stronger branches and stalks the rite side of the tent are now almost to week 4 sense i had roots pop from my pucks cant wait for a few more weeks to send into flower


looks food to me. sog there?? or will be

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Doing great @LiesGrows keep itup


No sog I do plan to scrog net them tho once I send them into flower this is my 1st time with all of this so a little insight is awesome haha I feel I’m doing good for my 1st grow was a shit ton of knowledge to learn quick as my 2 plants that are in flower came to me in pre flower from a friend of a friend lmao

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