Update - Harvest day

Ended up cutting all. Good night Sour Diesel, AK 47, CBD Kush, and Super Skunk. Don’t have anywhere to dry except tent so all 4 just got pulled from 48 hours of darkness at 60 degrees and suspended from the rafters till ready for full trim and cure. Temp set to 65 degrees and 52 percent humidity with my fan blowing away from the plants at a low setting.


Wow! Looks very nice! Good luck with the dry!


That looks awesome !!

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Let me know how that CBD Kush turns out, please.

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Very nice haul.

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Omg wonderful

Upside down never looked so good


Would you be interested in giving a little info on your grow, like soil,Nutrients, etc?

For sure. I have a 4c4 with a MarsHydro tsw2000 led light and used the Bergman’s fertilizer for nutrients. Followed there schedule mainly with a few tweaks in terms of IPM. Had Pot for a pot super soil on bottom and coco/perlite mix for top 2/3. Watered to slight runoff 2 times a week and added nutrients every other watering.

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Order in the pictures is the heavy weight AK 47 on top, then The runt of the litter SuperSkunk, the dark and mystical CBD Kush, and last, the behemoth Sour Diesel.

Awesome plants for sure, I’ve been using soil for years and have heard good things about coco, may have to give it a try.

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I’ve only bought ffof so far in my build but I’m really thinking of just starting out in coco. It sounds intimidating a little but you know what is going on and can adjust plus you gotta get used to adding nutes at some point and right from the get go sounds like it would give a head start at getting comfortable with the process anyway

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The control part is definitely nice. I did run into a problem around week 3ish where I think the roots had hit the Super soil and I over fertilized and kind of shocked them. The Sour Diesel was the most affected. I think if I was going to do it again I would carry a lighter more mild soil in the bottom as to give me more room to fertilize as I feel necessary, because that is the fun part of growing. The Science of it all. There were days where I would sit for hours checking on them and trying to figure out the best strategy. Next grow I’m going with photo seeds, coco/perlite again with a lighter sub soil, and only 2-4 plants at a time. Really want to delve into the topping and LST part of it. Haven’t decided on strains yet, but I think I’m going to carry a heavy CBD strain, and a really nice terpene rich with moderate/heavy THC strain. Any suggestions?

Sub soil? So you put soil on the bottom? Did not know thatneeds to be a nute neutral soil I assume since you are adding all needed nutes?

There is nutrients in the Super Soil that I filled the bottom 1/3 or so of the pots. I wouldn’t say super hot, but it definitely kept my ppms up for a good 4-6 weeks. Especially to the point of why had OD’d them around week 3-4. But as time went on and they started flower I was able to up my nutes to about 3/4 strength and be better on point for there needs. I think just about any method will work, but doing the one which best fits your style of growing is the most enjoyable.

Lol my” style.” I have no style and can’t dance too. I’m a well rounded dork


Same here. I just like tinkering with shit, and figuring out how to grow the best plants.

Well I’m a step or two ahead of the game due to this community so many mistakes I will avoid thanks to the great advice here

One word. Blurples. I am so glad I avoided that sucker trap

Me too. I kind of fell into the all in one kit with Mars hydro, but definitely want to upgrade my light to a HLG especially at some point. Mine did fine, but felt like it was undersized for a 4x4 tent.

I believe Blue Dream, and Bruce Banner, I’m might try Bruce Banner auto’s in a greenhouse this year.

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