Update. Day 21 flower

What are everyone’s thoughts on these girls. Caramelicious.

Looking good,I bet your getting excited

I’m in wait mode , hoping to see some pre-flowers in the next week or two , first week into the switch . Man they look great . Tall but very nice .

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Yeah I’m hoping they will fill out and stop growing up. They should. They still have a good 5 weeks to go. My ass is clenching though. 2 of the 5 have been popping up with male flowers. I just keep stripping them off in the hope they keep heading nicely like they are. It was only the young lower branches that copped it. Through stress I’m sure. But they are going along nicely. :sunglasses:

Look’n dam good there my friend. Mine should be ready at the end of this month


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Garrigan and Chappy … your plants look great. I wish I could try an indoor grow. Just don’t have the space. On a positive note … all 7 of the seeds I planted outdoors have sprouted. Yay!

Garrigan. Do you not tip your plants at all?? They look to only having one cola. But I may be wrong. Lol :sunglasses:

Why tip , he won’t have room if he did , garrigan has got the formula and growing like 33 plants , that’s a lot of space needed . 33 plants with just one cola is enough for at least 6 months plus profit . Garrigan is like a growers protege , but he knows the science and formulas , it’s smooth sailing for that guy . I hope he teach me the sea of green strategy so I can have a perpetual grow like him . I’m really considering learning hydro growing real soon , considering it might cut time a few weeks that soil , but the experience is good to have . But for soil and consistency , garrigan62 has the green thumb . I really learned a lot from that guy in the short time of talking to him , he can definitely help when the forum guys is unavailable . Need to say garrigan I posted some photo’s of my plants , but I guess I did them in the wrong threads , and the forum police notified me , so I won’t post any more pictures , it was to show support to a thread that you guys know and can get a rookie growing in the right directions . But maybe we can exchange techniques of how’s in the future . But Chappy brother that plant looks really good my friend , great job buddy and can’t wait for the final total after weight in .

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What you just said makes it worth my while to help you guy’s out. I don’t claim to know everything cause I don’t, I to am still learning myself. :wink:
Heck you guy’s maybe helping me out one day…could happen never know

I’em going to try to get a pic of my entire grow which is almost ready for harvest so i’ll post the pic under harvest later so the as you say …lol the monitor police don’t move it


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33 plants for one cola each. I don’t see the advantage. I have 5 plants and have almost 35+ Colas. So why waste so many good seeds or clones. Whatever. Each to there own I guess.

Yes, there is a lot of unused space and the screen could be filled out more.

In my opinion, less plants with more tops is less work than more plants with one or only a very few tops.

The screen still supplies some support, but it is not being used to its fullest potential.

I kind of agree with chappy, I like to grow one huge plant per square meter, or maybe even up to a 5ft x 5 ft canopy, trained, supercropped and LST with mainlining/manifolding techniques for uniformity and symmetry into numerous huge colas occupying each square in the scrog.

Also, here is one of my favorite you tube videos to give you guys a better idea of what I’m talking about:

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Hey stoner you have a point there with less plants and less work , besides they seem to have different characteristics even the same strain or seeds . But I created a mainline stalk not knowing what the hell I was doing , but took a chance experimenting . From what I’m seeing it will be 8 mains and the stalk is every bit of the size of a sharpie if not bigger in Girth . So not knowing actually worked in my favor . Now I have 2 other plants that’s very vigor , and was vegging amazingly finally with no stress like the bag seed plant . Really wish I had space to separate the 3 and flower the biggen , and mainline train the other 2 , white widow & og Kush the way I did the stressed plant . So all the headaches and stress of not knowing , actually gave me an angle of what could be done next time . But hopefully my space can manage two plants mainline train with 8 colas per plant , if so I know the light can penetrate the canopy to get great results . Stoner thanks again brother for your insight and support .

I’m gone try and build me a scrogging screen for my lil bitty space camp , seem like it would be very substantial for more , plus help stabilize weight if they decide to swell majorly . Now my question is about flowering ? I made my first feed mix 50/50 grow & (bud) flower nutrients by ILGM , and I’m supposed to just feed in the next 3 weeks (bud) flower nutrients only up into the fifth and sixth week of flowering than give 50/50 flower nukes & (THC) Mass nutrients , now my question is should I flush before I do the last nutrient transition ? Flush just ph water or used sledgehammer by Fox Farm flush solution ? Are just mix 50/50 flower & Mass and just add 2.5 ml of cal-mag like I been doing every other feeding ? Don’t want to get that far and see leaves like the guy in the other thread to be dealing with issues two weeks from finished …All advice is considered and appreciated ?

I have more than 33 colas to many to count and I didn’t fem or pinch. But next time in June well already have started to top a few of my 3rd genation WW clones.
Well you got the best of me and I had to go and count…lol I didn’t get half way through and counted over fifty colas
so there got to be no less than 150 colas or more but that’s all good can’t wait 2 more weeks till harvest…


Hey Stone how you been?

This was my first shot at the sog and I can’t figure out why it didn’t fill out more.
The only thing I could think of was the light. You think 2 1000w hps was a bit to much?
Cause I have to water every day because there pots would dry out. With it being 86 low humidty and water every day could have affected their growth
NO I remember now it was from over watering at first where the qt size pots where so soaking wet the plants turned yellow it took more time for them to recover. But over all they came out pretty dam good. That’s what caused the lack of spreading out.


They may have a point about alot of plants to take care of but Wow its hard to argue when you got over 150 colas,that’s amazing to me,excellent job man.I just have to say it again WOW!!

Put up a pic showing the whole scrog.

I was going to this morning but got very sick. I had all I could do just to turn lights on but my friend starting laughing when he saw how thick they had got’n in just a couple of days. That Mass Booster is the shit people all the colas are starting to firm up and put more weight on.
This is going to be the longest two weeks to harvest…LOL
Here are though pic’s couldn’t get it in one shot