Update and any sugg

well sitting at one month for the smaller two and 6-7 weeks for the larger two transplant larger ones this week have trim larger two getting bushy

any suggestions on trimming

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What point is trimming suggested?

rock wool. They get this big

Maybe back your lights off a little too

U plan on any topping or fimming? N like DB said… raising ur lights a bit should induce some healthy stretching

Hello , yes I plan on topping , but first grow so when best to do that smaller ones have 6 branch but two larger ones more than that

They look happy and healthy. Ready for it whenever u are!

first grow still learning, not to sure .

I dont really trim at all the first month or so. Unless topping. Then its very selective trimming. Big fans that wont tuck away… once into flower the defoliation picks up a bit

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vegetative-dwc-cannabis-healthy-side-lollipop-sm is this extreme or normal , tide one down suggestion for others

two look like this@PurpNGold74,

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the two taller ones have a lot of branches under the fan leafs on each one

Side branching is good. She looks well spread out. Now let her green grow out n up.

Are those the same plants from earlier in soil?

need more light for sides then . counted 16 branches on the one under fan leaf. friend started two seeds for me 7wks ago and I got two christmas trees back, can’t bend but did top

What kind of lights u got?

under 140 watts of cfl . beginner here lol .looking into tent and X6 cob soon

Hey we all start somewhere. I had like 6 - 8watt cfls my first grow here. Yielded maybe 30 grams :joy::joy: it gets better

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