(UPDATE)1st grow plants kushykush, blueberry, Tutankhamen (one twin embryos)


Curing small Tutankhamen


Harvesting big Tutankhamen


That’s some fire a$$ smoke you got there! :sunglasses:


You are welcome :slight_smile:


Curing the big Tutankhamen


my last plant should fill out the back row. Then again I’ll probably be through one jar by the time it’s ready lol


well at least you have that one backed up by many,many others!!! lol


Gorgeous harvest @Macadon, I have been watching your grow. The results are very impressive. Those girls are going to be one hitter quiter for sure!


Really appreciate it @Alteredmindset my very first grow and I think I did ok


Kushykush hopefully by the end of the month she’ll be ready

I think it will be worth the wait. Just watered with 8 pH and got 6.5 runoff. I think it’s getting over the pH issues. Fingers crossed


This is the weight for 4 of 5 plants in this journal Big Tutankhamen- 60.5g
Small Tutankhamen. 29.3g
First sprout blueberry. 35.2g
Second sprout blueberry. 49.3g

                                       174.3 g total for 4 plants


awesome @Macadon! you should have enough to get you by for awhile!


Harvesting last plant


kushykush final weight is 40grams
That’s 214.3 grams total for this five plant grow. Now to start the next one😁.
Final synopsis is that I think I waited too long to harvest the blueberry twins. The buds I harvest early had a really distinct taste but I have been curing the twins for a month and they still don’t taste like those first buds. So my focus now is on the terpines in my plants. I split the stem on all my plants except one in my auto grow journal which is sour diesel auto and it is the least potent out of all my plants so the stem splitting is very legit. To me it seems to make the buds a little more dense also. And my biggest plants all had big pH problems and I think they were just getting too big for the pots. So hopefully I’ll get better with my next grow. Maybe this will help some of you. Thanks for following😎


W🍀W That’s awesome!