(UPDATE)1st grow plants kushykush, blueberry, Tutankhamen (one twin embryos)


I think you’ll get a better drying if you remove most of the stem or stalks being chloryphl is still breaking down from the cellar level inside the plants anatomy but that’s just my opinion it’s not a fact .


Just split the stem of my first blueberry sprout twin

the buds on this plant didn’t grow like it’s twin. The buds look made up of a bunch of little flowers


Bout to start curing the second sprout blueberry. It is dry to the touch


Man that’s some good looking bud man👍
Great job!


Thanks @Nug-bug I tested some I had harvested weeks ago and it tastes very good😋


Just harvested the first sprout blueberry


it doesn’t look anything like its twin but they do smell the same


Great job @Macadon look at that!
Now that’s a cup of Joe I can get my lips around


Curing the first sprout blueberry


how do you like that BB @Macadon?


It gets better and better every day @BIGE😁


Harvesting the small Tutankhamen


Looks delicious man👍, man great job


@Nug-bug thank you sir


Nice job with both harvests! I love both of those strains :+1:


@MattyBear so you’ve had Tutankhamen before. is the thc level really high as they say?


@Macadon I’ve had it twice and both times it was a high THC level but it was a good creative and uplifting high. :+1:


That’s good to hear. I have another Tutankhamen that actually looks like the picture advertised with the big colas,. But this one I just harvested could be something else cause it doesn’t look or smell the same. They sent a replacement seed for one but maybe they slipped another one in lol. Either way it’s getting smoked😌


Very nice. Are you going to start a new grow soon?


@Alteredmindset soon as possible it’s gonna be autos and photos