(UPDATE)1st grow plants kushykush, blueberry, Tutankhamen (one twin embryos)


No darkness? Everyone says it increases trichomes. Is there a particular reason you don’t do it?


You can’t tell a difference I actually get more sugar with the lights on then with the lights off


OK I would try it but I have other plants that are not finish in the grow room so I can’t do that now. They’ll be in there with the lights on 12/12 . But I’ll try that with the last ones if they finish close. Thanks @Hogmaster


@Macadon the whole splitting stem & darkness are all personal preference i can only say what i do… there is no right or wrong way, i like to have the stem split and in my lit tent for as long as physically possible, the more stress at the end the more trichomes that’s the theory,
i don’t see why you couldn’t go dark right away but I would give her 1-2 days at 10-14 before going dark for 48hrs but that’s just me,


Thanks @B345T that’s what I’m going to have to do right now anyway


No worries mate :slight_smile: i didn’t think it would work myself a bunch of old stoner stories of the mythical bonus THC but i was pleasantly surprised


Second sprout blueberry harvested

main cola split stem


Now to let them dry

I have a fan blowing below them and a dehumidifier. I hope this is ok . I wonder should I break this main cola any advice .


Also would like to thank the ilgm forum for getting me through my first harvest. Still have four more plants but this is the first time I grew my own and harvested so special thanks to @Donaldj @Majiktoker @latewood @garrigan62 @Hogmaster @hawkeyediesel(wherever you are) @BIGE @bob31 @B345T
@kabongster and anyone else who commented or liked or just answered a question. Sorry if I forgot someone. Look forward to showing the dry weight and harvesting the first sprout twin. She should be next very soon. THANKS Again​:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


congratulations @Macadon!! keep on growing and learning,it is all downhill now!lol


@BIGE do you think that main cola can dry like it is


It was all you we just share our experiences and hope it helps others I’m glad you are happy with your harvest


you know what,i do not think i’ve grown a bud that large @Macadon…lol i’d say for an even cure yes,i don’t think it degrades any just is not as pretty…break it down some i’d say, @Hogmaster break the big bud down ?


Sometimes I do sometimes I don’t it dries faster if you break it down it’s going to get smoked Anyhow it will all dry and cure faster. But it is fun to cure a bagel fat cola every now and then just have to be careful not to let it mold I prefer the paper bag method of drying hope that helps


I normally hang for a week like you are sometimes they dry trim sometimes I wet trim after a week of hanging break them down and bag them up for a few more days to make sure they’re dry Then you’ll be ready to Jar them my friend


Ok I think I’ll let it dry like this then maybe break it down when I cure it thanks again @Hogmaster @BIGE so you let it dry hang for a week then put them in paper bags then put them in jars. Sounds good to me😁


Sometimes I have to go from jar back to paper bag because the moisture from the center and depending how big they are will determine if they have to go back in a paper bag because if you burp them and check them the next day sometime still be wet again from the moisture coming out of the center


Great @Macadon thanks for making us all look good! LOL !!!


yes, what @bob31 said, really nice looking cola you got there…when the buds get really big like that it’s so hard to cut them apart, you should be proud of it!
sometimes I try to get the buds to a smaller size for drying, break them down, just so they are all at pretty much the same stage of dryness when jarred for burping.


Happy to help if and when i can @Macadon… and if not then there is lots of good opinions on here with some very clever people :wink:

nice looking plant the 1 you have down :slight_smile: a couple of weeks and get her cured she’ll be ready soon enough