(UPDATE)1st grow plants kushykush, blueberry, Tutankhamen (one twin embryos)


Brother @BIGE how’s it going my friend


boy,that look delish @Hogmaster! that hubba bubba will make you smack those lips! lol


@Hogmaster thanks for the pic


nice! that just looks divine


Got a camera finally


i see a bit of amber i believe!


Nice brother


Hell I forgot to turn the light on LOL have to try again later


Day 87 day 44 since switch to flower

small Tutankhamen (smelling just like bubble gum) first sprout blueberry second sprout blueberry big Tutankhamen kushykush tied to wall for more light to get through because it is so bushy


Just sprayed them all with 13 essential. After this week I think I will cut back on all the nutes

just some pics of all of them in the grow room



Very nice ladies :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot @Donaldj


Looking awesome dude fair play


Thanks @B345T



<1st blueberry sprout. Cloudy trichomes and I think I see a few ambersmall Tutankhamen(smells like bubble gum) has mostly cloudy trichomessecond sprout blueberry. The buds are so heavy I had to tie the stems together to hold them up. It has cloudy trichomes with a couple of amber with a few clear ones.big Tutankhamen mostly cloudy with clear trichomes. I’m thinking in the next two weeks these plants will be ready for harvesting. I’m still reading up on that to see the best ways. The kushykush is way behind but here is a little picture under LED. This was the only one I fimmed so it has two big colas forming in a split. I have to tape it to the walland it’s really bushy.


FYI that Carson microscope is hard to keep steady and get a clear view. I just ordered three different microscopes. Hope they are better😁


Kushykush out grow room


Just split the stem on the second sprout blueberry

will harvest in a day or two. Or should I put it in the darkness now? Still deciding. This is how she’s looking now @Hogmaster @B345T do I put it back in the light or can I go straight to darkness. I do have quite a few amber on most of the buds


I personally do not do any darkness you want all the light and energy into those buds as possible keep your lights on the whole time until you’re ready to harvest I don’t flush either that bad boy will be ready when you’re ready to cut it down trim it cure it and smoke it :tada: