(UPDATE)1st grow plants kushykush, blueberry, Tutankhamen (one twin embryos)


yea,they look like stinkers! lol


Update-day 77 five weeks since switch to flower

second sprout blueberry twin first sprout blueberry twin (can’t believe how much the second sprout grew bigger than the first sprout) kushykush is starting to really flower. It is supposed to be a six week flower but it will take longer for sure big Tutankhamen I finally got the pH to get to 7.0 which is not great but better than 5.5. I think that recharge helped still have a lot of yellow leavessmall Tutankhamen


Man I really think that recharge got my soil back right in my big Tutankhamen. Just watered with calmag five ml and 1/2 tsp of recharge and got a pH run off of 6.7😁 looking like the yellowing has stopped.


Just trying out this magnifying glass app


Those crystals!!!


Thanks @Nuggyunlimited there getting Frosty😁


@Donaldj @Hawkeye_diesel @latewood @Majiktoker @latewood @Hogmaster can anyone tell if these are seed sacs


It’s normal don’t worry about it

and there could be a little pollen and possibly but I’ve never had any issues as long as it has the pedestals coming off if you notice they grow where the split of the stem where it branches off but I see all those crystals something else is good but I don’t see the whole picture LOL


See what are the big ol flower you ain’t got nothing to worry about you’re about ready to harvest soon anyhow it looks like your leaves are going to change Color regardless because it sucking all the life out of the leaves and putting them into the flowers your gold my friend


Thanks @Hogmaster this is my first grow so any little thing causes me to panic


I completely understand just be patient my friend good things come to those who wait


And by the way great job killer looking bud


OK thanks again @Hogmaster I definitely trust your judgment😁


Thanks that means a lot coming from you​:grin::grin::grin:


I give props where props are due everybody on here is doing a great job


Yeah I probably wouldn’t have gotten this far without this forum. Damn good place to learn


Just big ole pistil brother, looks like they have your back


Thanks @Hawkeye_diesel @Hogmaster just calmed me down


@Hogmaster I wanted to know about the bubble gum you grew late last year. Did it smell just like bubble gum and do you have any pics of the plant because my small Tutankhamen is smelling just like bubble gum and it looks nothing like the big Tutankhamen. They are supposed to be the same strain. I ordered five pack. They sent four and sent the kushykush seed because they said they ran out. I’m beginning to think this one is a replacement to. Thanks

Twin afghan Lgim

mine had a hubba Bubba smell in mine looked nothing like I thought it was going to hit ended up darkening up but was really good