(UPDATE)1st grow plants kushykush, blueberry, Tutankhamen (one twin embryos)


i bet it is killer!


No a 1\4 cup of skin milk to a gallon of pH water will cause the larvae to explode in the soil and xayenne pepper are rose Mary sprinkle on the soil will keep them away!


Do you mean skim milk or is it skin milk @yoshi


Skim milk or skin either should work, but your gnats is cause your soil is staying to moist and you don’t have enough air moving in the tent. Let your pot dry at least two days longer before next watering are a high out put oscalating fan or two small fans, but over watering and wet soil is where gnat larvae thrives and hatch the microbial life is in the soil to help good bacteria for plant roots to grow but if you keep your soil to wet than the larvae will hatch. You can still keep a water, water, feed schedule even if you add two days in between, you don’t have to feed every week or water every other day , you can wait 4-5 days if need be for soil to dry but just get a cheap calendar and write on the days you water and wait until the soil dries, now as the plant roots grow more it will drink more water sooner and the plant will release water vapor faster as well, but either cut your regular pH watering in half and only a full gallon when feeding nutrients, are more days in between watering so soil can dry more to prevent the nicrobial life in the soil from hatching and more air cubic feet per minute in and out the tent will work also my friend, remember you cannot make them grow you have to let them grow and small adjustments to the plant as it grows will yield better results and less issues…hapoy growing!


OK thanks @yoshi I actually have been doing feed water feed so it seems like a good idea to Dial it back plus I water soon as the pot feels light. I added a layer of sand on all my plants yesterday after I watered with 1:4 ratio of peroxide to try and kill them but I’ll definitely try your technique!


The more you let the roots dry the more the roots will search for water under the soil which is good stress for potency, but it you keep them saturated you actually drown the roots and cause more harm than good, a moist soil is better than saturated soil honesty, cause the moisture soil at the right temperture and with the right amount of light helps good vacteria grows which plant roots chelates into plant food, but if you over do these varibles it becomes more of a challenge for you and the plant. When I water my plants I don’t want much runoff maybe a corner are enough to draw up with a paper towel which is idea, but when you feeding nutrients you want about 10-20% run off so you can test pH and ppm coming out.


OK I been watering till I get a good bit of runoff. This is my first grow so I’m learning by mistakes.


Yes we all go through tat stage, that’s why I said small adjustments will go a long way in growing. A written journal is so helpful cause you can used it as a dialog on what was done and what not to do again and this helps create a pattern of process. But once you reach a harvest it’s such a relief cause now you finished the long greuling process , especially after loosing sleep worrying about your plants. But once you get your grow space dial in and your watering under control your work becomes less and checking them becomes a lost art cause you than just follow protocol, but learn to respond to the plant and not the plant responding to you.


I got you @yoshi thanks again for the help I’m sure I’ll be hollering at you soon


I’ll be around been busy working on my legitimate issues for the legal medical project I tied into cause we getting close but it’s still a ton of red tape!


The plant looks great. Why are you worrying about the PH of the runoff? What nutrients are you using?


I’m using fox farm trio nutrients plus flower fuel. The plant looked like it had a calcium diffencensy is why I started worrying. My second sprout blueberry twin is starting to do the same but the pH is right. So I have been feeding it cal mag at full strength so I just want it to be able to use it because if the pH is not in the soil range, it won’t use it right? @latewood


I had this problem come about in mid to late flower and still haven’t fixed it. I used probably a little over half a 3 gallon pot of ffof and layered the warrior over the rest and have had the same issue. My water would always come out to 5.8 most of the time and it did that in veg just Never saw any signs of ph issues. I honestly think it’s the combination of the soils that are giving us this issue. My ph has finally come up to 6.7 but my plant has like 2 weeks left so Ima give one more nutrient feed then water the rest of the time. I think your just gonna have to ride it out. By the way the strain I’m growing is blueberry auto


@Swan1234 That’s good to know so it didn’t effect your flowering too much? Mine seemed like it had a calcium diffencensy and stopped flowering as fast as before but it kind of seems to be getting better


Yea not from what I can tell I think your just gonna have to ride it out and let it do its thing till finished and not layer your soil next time. Atleast that’s what I’m gonna do but I’m pretty positive that the combinations of those soils is what’s giving us these issues. I bought a big a$$ bag too of warrior soil that is


Man I got two auto flowers I started three weeks ago that I did ffof soil on bottom and organic jiffy soil on top but I’m not going to stress


Yea you shouldn’t it should be fun and a learning expierience meant to be a hobby. Most forget it’s suppose to be fun, me included we get so caught up in making sure that the plant has or plants have everything which in return causes a mass of stress on us and we forget the aspect of it being enjoyable cheers happy growing :v:t2:


second sprout blueberry twin first sprout blueberry twin small Tutankhamen kushykush big Tutankhamen tied down


did you get your gnat problem under control @Macadon? those ladies are looking delish!


Yeah @BIGE I put sand on top of soil so I can’t see. I will water with skin milk tomorrow just to be on the safe side and thanks! They are Starting to smell also!!:grin: