(UPDATE)1st grow plants kushykush, blueberry, Tutankhamen (one twin embryos)


Heyt dudes, @Macadon

It is not advisable to spray anything on your plants unless you have definite well defined issues.

You can create more issues and problems that you cannot identify.

Stick with as simple a grow method as possible. Your plants do not look bad. UNtil a new grower learns how the plant grows and reacts to a complete base nutrient, that grower cannot learn or troubleshoot. Stay simple learn to grow a healthy plant. It is up to you, it would be a shame to spray your plant with some miracle juice and develop issues.

Here is a question to ponder? Why do I need to spray this on my plants? I promise you it will not give you a higher yield :slight_smile:


So @latewood if it has pistils it’s for sure not a Hermie? If so do you know what those bubbles in between the stems and branches are? As for the 13 essential I sprayed I just read about it in a couple of journals and thought it wouldn’t hurt to try. It is supposed to make the terpines and stuff better. But you’re right I just get ahead of myself when reading everyone’s journal. Thanks for the response​:grin::grin:


You will have to defoliate - this plant gives above avarage yields also there are 4 pheno-types - look like you have one of the “long” plants


What does defoliate mean @steve2


@Hogmaster @Hawkeye_diesel @Majiktoker @garrigan62 @latewood I watered my plants the other day with nutrients at full dosage. I watered my big king tut (Tutankhamen) with 7.0 pH water but the runoff was 5.6. I ran out of pH up. I watered today with plain water with about a half of quart of peroxide and 5 mil of calmag. The pH going in was at 8.2 and the runoff is at 5.1. I have watered it twice just now and it is still the same. Do you know what’s going on?


What are you growing in @Macadon ? The medium?

Sounds like a soilless medium to me


I’m growing in ffof soil. I did put a little layer of jiffy organic seed starter soil on top a week ago just to help with the drying. But I did that with my big blueberry (second sprout) and it isn’t having that problem @bob31


How old is the ffof soil? I’ve been using ff products and out of the bag they are pretty consistent with the pH. I don’t know if that is the problem or not but I would remove it and when you water again you can see if removing it made a difference.

Remember to pH your water after you add nutrients. Adding nutrients generally lowers the pH considerably.


I’d say about two months yeah I pH before and after. I never had a problem until the other day. I ll wait until next watering to figure it out. It is showing a calcium diffencensy


I watered mine last week. 7 pH in and 6.7 runoff and mine are in ffof and ffhf mix and I’m at about 12 weeks in mine.


Yeah I don’t understand it takes a while for the water to get through so I left it in the pan. I just checked it again and it went up to 5.4.


@bob31 I used a lot of de powder on top about a week ago. Do you think that could have anything to do with it?


I don’t think de has any effect on pH but that would be easy to test by adding some to water and see what it does?


OK I will thanks for the help @bob31


Ok no problem. 5.4 is way too low and you are locking out a good portion of the nutrients that the plants need to thrive.


@yoshi when you mix the 13 essential with water do you use the same mix from before or do you mix a new one every time you use it?


I did.5 ml to a gallon as it instructed but I only had 2 plants at the time which a gallon at .5 ml is enough to feed 25 plants as a folia feed, so I kind of did my own measurement which I cut that in half to 2.5 ml to a half gallon cause the it says to not let it sit for later use, so at 2.5 ml to a half gallon I was able to spray and used the half gallon misting my two plants until it was empty to prevent waste, but I did not saturate the buds I sprayed under the leaves into the stomata and did it in a manner to where the plants was not dripping from over spray, now your moderator say not to used it but I had great results with it and I believe Hammer :hammer: noticed a big difference in his plants as well, but it’s how I used the product . Many will say don’t that have not tried it, and many will say don’t cause of the chance of causing bud rot being it’s a foliar spray, but if you have a lot of air moving in your grow space to where after misting your plants can dry in about 2 hours it should not cause much issues for as bud rot, but I moved 435 cfm with a 6 inch and I had 190 cfm bringing fresh cool air in the balance my pressure inside the small tent I had when I was growing, but as long as you spray when your lights first come on and you don’t saturate your plant or buds and has enough air moving for them to dry within 2-3 hours your plants should be fine, and double check for moisture after spraying and if you have to shake the plants to remove excess is a good measure to take to be safe, but it can be done as long as you don’t allow your buds to stay wet to long are in dark hours. Just keep in mind to much over spray or moisture can cause bud rot so take added measure to remove excess if need be and try not to over spray and if a half gallon at 2.5 ml is still to much for foliar mix, than reduce it to a liter, hope this helps and you see the results I had when I used the product. Happy growing!!!


Thanks a lot for that post. Very helpful @yoshi :grin:


Just a few update pics. Nothing much just sprayed a little 13 essential. Buds seem to be forming😁 day 66 from sprout. 23 from switch to flower


@Majiktoker @garrigan62 @latewood @Hogmaster @Brian091180 @yoshi @Hawkeye_diesel I have a problem with my pH for my big king tut Tutankhamen plant. No matter how high I pH this water it comes out 5.5 range. I just flushed with 10.0 pH and it still the same. It is in ffof soil. This problem started about a week ago. Does anyone have a clue what is going on? Thanks