(UPDATE)1st grow plants kushykush, blueberry, Tutankhamen (one twin embryos)


I think it’s a little early to tell yet brother, or let some of the others chime in


I agree @Hawkeye_diesel it’s early, give her a chance to grow some hairs :wink:


OK @Hawkeye_diesel @kabongster thanks for the input I’m on YouTube watching videos now


Yeah give it a couple more days. This is just as good for use…


Thanks @bob31 I was looking for one of those


Ok buddy no worries you’ve got plenty of time to deal with it if it’s a male. Just too early to be sure.


I did mainly under the leaves in the stomata and had my fans on high to help dry over spray on buds, but also try to control misting instead of drenching, I slight mist cause the product is measured in nano meters so you can hold the sprayer back far enough to where it’s a mist.


OK thanks @yoshi I might have went over board when I just sprayed but I’ll do that in the future.


Nutrient burn. Just splashed a leaf. I’ve learned the bloom and rooting nutrients are super powerful and can easily burn plant if direct contact. Good luck & be sure to tippy toe around em.


Okay but just remember how small a nano meter can be and as long as its misted underneath the stomata the plant will used it and be fed.


OK thanks @yoshi and @Viktor7


your “Tutankhamon” is be your best plant when it comes to terpene and essential,oil production - MAM !!! the plant looked like it snowed on the WHOLE plant - let it go for 60-63 days with a 30 day cure . this strai is a bestseller for Prymind Seeds


Thats good to know @steve2 I have 2 and 1 of them is the biggest one. Is the thc really high as they say?


I thought about getting some of those seeds from another company, I will be watching this grow as I have heard tutankhamun is part of the AK-47 strain. I am growing the AK extreme so I am wondering if it might be a similar grow?

check out my post, I also had similar problems with my leaves, a teaspoon of calimagic did wonders along with six teaspoons of big bloom, anyways please check it out and see if maybe there is something there that you can use as a reference.


OK I have read your grow journal but I will follow more closely. Thanks @Alteredmindset


No problem, I have been tracking your grow, they look wonderful, I do see that your girls are doing well, in fact your journal has helped with my grow.


Man that just made my day!:grin: The kushykush has weird bubbles in between the stems I thought could be a Hermie but we’ll see


Sometimes they will produce seed pods even if not fertile, it is not unheard of. I would watch them, if they are producing seed pods, just cut them off.


OK I will be watching them close. Thanks again


Hey guys, I am blind and I see pistils on the middle left :slight_smile: