(UPDATE)1st grow plants kushykush, blueberry, Tutankhamen (one twin embryos)


Day 8 of flowering day 51 from sprout

start to see pre flowering they are getting bigger sorry for led lighting😎


Now I need a dehumidifier

and a a/c


@Oldstoner @garrigan62 @Majiktoker @Donaldj @bob31 @Hogmaster @DissidentPriest I just watered my plants and some of them had a TDs ppm in the 500s so at what point do you start using nutrients?


I just kind of shoot from the hip on when to start a nutrient routine . Unfortunately I don’t know the ppm proper range to help you out on this . I just water till I am ready to start flowering then I dose them . But I also use a amended soil that some go most of the grow without any nutrients


OK thanks @Oldstoner I’ll try to search for proper range.


In Dwc I tend to max out at around 1200 but typically stay around 900 during start of flowering


OK thanks @Donaldj I was just googling it and you’re right on the head


Hey @Oldstoner when do you start using open sesame?


I start about 10 days before I switch to flower but I grow in ffof and it is pretty hot so if they look like they are already doing good I might skip it and just give them a bit of beastie bloomz for a extra week or 2 when I start using it . I wont start feeding them until a little before I go to 12 12 unless they start showing a deficiency. Good luck @Macadon


OK thanks @Oldstoner I guess I waited too long to start using it but like you said the ffof has them looking good anyway.


@garrigan62 @Majiktoker @Hawkeye_diesel @Donaldj @Oldstoner @latewood I watered my plants today with some nutrients but when I watered it took a while for the water to soak in the soil and I didn’t have a lot of run off like usual. Is that normal or do I have a problem?


it’s normal I actually slow water with a drip emitter which let water slowly saturate soil making for less dry pockets since a very dry soil will not absorb water fast much of it can run right through first time you water in new soil or around edges of pots


OK I kind of had to Lean the pot to run the rest of it out. Thanks @Donaldj I was kinda panicking :relieved:


Update day 15 since switch to flower. Day 58 from sprout. This is the second sprout from the twins which is doing the best out of them all.

this is the first sprout this is the small Tutankhamen(king tut) kushykush which is flowering slower this is the big king tut which has developed a diffencensy I think it’s calcium or manganese or nitrogen or all the above <img src=" src="/uploads/growingmarijuana/original/3X/d/1/d1331b28b428e9c9648cd182c2ac7a7a98253ebb.jpg" width=“375” height=“500”> leaves are starting to spot all of them


@Hawkeye_diesel @Oldstoner @latewood @Majiktoker @Donaldj @yoshi I’m pretty sure this is a calcium diffencensy or manganese looks like it could be leaf septoria. I’m trying to narrow it down what do you think?



@yoshi when you used the 13 essential in flower did you mist the budsites also or just the leaves?


Need help @Majiktoker @Hawkeye_diesel @kabongster. @garrigan62 @bob31 @latewood @ or anyone I think I have a male or a hermathrodite


I think I see a pistil in the back left portion of the picture, but thay would be the only thing I see, bit in not 100% on it maybe 85% sure


Yeah but what is this bubble in between it looks like it could be a sac. Wouldn’t a Hermie have pistils too I never seen one @Hawkeye_diesel