(UPDATE)1st grow plants kushykush, blueberry, Tutankhamen (one twin embryos)


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They are looking awesome Macadon.
I’m doing a Journal on all of Roberts Auto-Flowering Plants, I’ll tag yu if you want so that you can follow along.



Oh yeah you already got me tagged and I’m definitely following. Matter fact I am germinating sour diesel and great white seeds right now so I can grow along with you! I’ll start a new journal for those in a Day or so. Thanks @garrigan62


Ya i did but i still should have waited for you, but sometimes i get ahead of myself…lol
but ya that’s way cool and please feel free to add anything to my journal ok?



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Yupper 40% is the correct answer. :slight_smile:


@latewood what is the downside of flowering with humidity in the mid 50s or close to 60?


Day 3 after switching to flower. Just got my new Mars hydro 317 true watt light

now I can spread them out a little more my humidity won’t get below 60 is that a huge deal @Majiktoker @Hawkeye_diesel @garrigan62 @latewood if it is would you recommend a dehumidifier? Thanks


I do not use one so I won’t recommend using something I dont use lol, otherwise as of the moment no just make sure you have good ventilation


OK thanks @Majiktoker for the quick response I was debating going to Walmart. I won’t worry about it thanks again😁


Yup not a problem my friend got lots of catching up to do lol or had lots of catching up to do and you just happened to get me while I was around


if you have good UV spectrum humidity won’t be too big an issue but keep in mind as plants get larger they will raise humidity even further so make sure you have lots of air movement.


Thanks @Donaldj if my humidity stays high during flowering what are the effects on the plants?


Mixed some studies show greater growth but with a double edged sword so to speak since mildew and mold love moisture you need heavy air movement on plants to grow humid. This is to make sure moisture doesn’t build in buds or on leaves for the first several weeks high RH has little impact but like I said it carries risks. Some say it can add considerably to growth rates but some strains are far more resistant to mould best advice I can give is keep air flowing through canopy and look into speeding up exhaust to deal with it Dehumidifiers produce heat lots of it needing you to deal with it by increasing exhaust if simply increasing exhaust would reduce RH you are saving both expense and frustration


OK thanks for the quick lesson @Donaldj I think I got enough air moving. We’ll see though.


I would definitely invest in a de-humidifier. It is the easiest way to insure dense buds. 60% is too high for flowering. You want it bertween 40% and 50%. PLants will adapt to apporx. 20% difference in environmental or nutrition values. So +/- 5-10% in humidity can be worked out.

Looks like you could loweer that lamp a bit, also. :slight_smile:


OK thanks @latewood I installed a exhaust fan humidity is down to mid 50s but I just watered and humidity is up to 70 around the plants base so I will invest in a small one.


Here is a page of dehumidifiers at Amazon. Buyinf one of these help to keep the forum free. Please bookmark and use this link for any future visits to Amazon.

Some guidance: Make sure to get on with a drain outlet that hooks up to a hose. This way you can set it up on a table with an open drain into a 5 gallon bucket w/LID (must drill access hole for hose to keep humidity from discharge from increasing RH).

2nd thing is; If you cannot get a model with a drain, then make sure to buy a unit with at least 5-8 pint reservoir.

3rd. I bought a more expensive model that was refurbished, allowing me more power and stability for the same price as a small unit that is NIB.

hope this helps, lw :slight_smile:


OK @latewood I see it is worth the investment. Will be getting one ASAP. Thanks😁