(UPDATE)1st grow plants kushykush, blueberry, Tutankhamen (one twin embryos)


Thanks @garrigan62 :grinning::grinning:


Yes but now just keep it consistent for the rest of the growing time until harvest, so each time you feed ate water it should be the same.


Got you thanks a lot @yoshi😁. I guess I’ll keep using spring water to. I was gonna go to filter tap water. But I’ll keep it all the same


Rain water is a good option as well being its natural and it has microbial organism and fish emulsion in it which is great for plants.


OK I think I might try that on my autos with my next grow thanks again for the help @yoshi


This is an update about 40 days from first sprout. I watered the twin blueberries, the kushykush, and the big king tut with 2.5 ml of calmag at about 7.4ish pH. The runoff is still about 6.4-6.5.

this is a picture of the blueberry twins. The second sprout is actually growing wider on more tops if that’s what you call them.this is the kushykush. It is the most affected from the diffencensy problem but I think I have fixed it, but one of the leaves at the bottom fell off. The other leaves at the bottom look bad but I think I have it under control. this is the big king tut. It is growing the best out of them all. this is the whole bunch


I’m still only using the 300 watt viaspectrum but I’m ordering a 317 true watt Mars hydro this week. They will be switched to flowering by then. I will also start germination of my auto grow and will begin a new journal for that.


That picture above of big king tut is actually the small one. This is the big one

next update will be when I start flowering​:grin::grin::grin:


I PH my soil at 6.5, so as long as you are anywhere within the 6.5-7.0 range. It is all a good thing. 1.5ml of CalMag is not going to do much. You should be applying it at wither 5ml per gallon, or 8ml per gallon, depending on plant size.


Thanks @latewood I just didn’t wanna over do it with the cal mag because they are in the ffof soil and the diffencensy problem could have been a pH problem but I think I will up the dose. Should I be adding cal mag every watering?


@garrigan62 @Majiktoker @latewood @Oldstoner @yoshi do you guys recommend using the cal mag every watering with ffof soil. I plan on switching to flower tomorrow and need to water again and also is it OK to transplant during flowering if needed? Thanks


I wouldn’t transplant in flower, but let the other chime in


Why you think you need to transplant ? If you do than don’t start the flower schedule until after you transplant the plant and give it at least a week or two to fully recover than flower the plant but like Hawk eye said you don’t want to transplant during flower , you only transplant in vegetative stage only !


OK thanks @yoshi and @Hawkeye_diesel I thought I saw roots come out of the drainage holes before but now I don’t see them so I think I won’t transplant. I just received these five gallon smart pots but they seem to be the same size as the pots I have now so I don’t think I will now after your advice. I have to flower now because I’m running out of room.


If you in 5 gallons you good, just wait until next run for the smart pots. The pots help but it’s not a must for big buds.


OK thanks @yoshi again cause I don’t really wanna transplant again


Thanks. I went and bought one from Wally’s oscillating for 14 bucks. Works great, if anyone wants to know…:slight_smile:


Just switched to flower at 43 days from sprout blueberry twins pics

Tutankhamen(king tut) kushykush the whole bunch. Now I can’t wait to see buds!!!:grin::grin:


@Hawkeye_diesel @garrigan62 @Majiktoker @latewood could you refresh my memory on what the humidity should be in flower?


Here you go brother