Upcoming event! Jan 1 Grow-Off


Why are we discussing addresses in the open forum? I know you are on “Meds” after the operation BUT…This is a NO-NO!


Hey all,

It has been determined that this challenge (not “contst”) will be called 2019 Community Grow Off. (It is not an official ILGM contest, so we will not call it that.) Thanks. :slight_smile:

This community challenge will be hosted “pinned” in the Grow Journals category, as there is no grow support allowed in the Green Room.

You all have fun now. Happy growing!

latewood - ILGM admninstrator / Support Team Leader


u can grow whatever fem you like


Hey guys and gals I haven’t decided but my picks for strain will be one of these cherry pie , orange or super lemon haze
Will update when desicion is made happy growing friends :v:CB woohoo


An old classic tune for the grow off. Enjoy everyone. Wildwood Flower.


What’s going on over here guys? Are we getting keen for this grow off? Who’s got concrete plans for strains/ techniques ect? I have ordered some new strains especially. NLA, BBA, AHA, and SS. I also have some other photos left. GL, AFG, HK and PI. I’m still in the deciding phase on strains but I have purchased their 5gal containers and they’ll definitely be in coco with coco chunks and scrogged if they’re photos. I’ve never grown autos so I think they’ll be au natural if I use them. They’ll grow in a 4x4x7 tent under 250w MH to start then 600w HPS to finish. They’ll eat curtesy of a local nutrient mob supplemented with mammoth p, some Cyco products and rock resonator for that juicy finish. Any one else keen to lay their cards out? @basementstealth @PurpNGold74 @OldSchoolGrower @DoobieNoobie ??? Any one?


@Ausgrow Gonna run these mystery seeds in either a 5gl DWC or Potting soil. FoxFarm nutes. Lighting may be a single COB light if here on time.


See the grow off thread. Taking entries now


I haven’t decided yet :zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face:

But I guarantee you no one else is running it :joy:


@garrigan65 would u be so kind as to shut down this thread?