Up and crawling

Day one.
After a lot of help and the knowledge shared i was successful in step one and two.
My seedlings are now planted.
50-50 mix of Fox Farm ocean and black dirt. As I found out at the last second that my medium was too hot for seedlings to handle. They are now in red solo cups with a clear solo cup covering the red cup.
Now we watch


You mean in clear cup with red covering it? Some do this so they can inspect root development, then cover with red cup to keep light from damaging the roots.


That’s what I thought at first unless he using clear one as a dome?


If you don’t have access to the clear cups, they are usually ready to transplant when the leaves are outside the rim of the cup. Usually holds true to any planting container. The leaves seem to follow the roots as they reach the edge of the cup. Make sure you have many holes in the cups for proper airflow. Also, if you see roots coming out of the holes, you can probably transplant. 🥸:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Already covered in another thread/same grow. He seems to get it pretty good ie: planted in clear put in red with another clear to cover seedling. Also covered drainage. Might help to consolidate the multiple threads as they are for same grow.