Unwelcome Critters?

I just cut these leaves off my girls. I have 4 plants that are ~10 weeks old now and have just flipped them to 12/12 a week ago.

Whatever the problem is is very isolated as these were all I could find among all 4 plants.

Time for some Captain Jack, is something else going on, or not to worry?

The plants are otherwise very healthy.

• What strain, GSC
• Method: Soil FFHF
• Vessels: Pots, 5 gal bucket
• PH of runoff: 6.3
• PPM/TDS Runoff is ~800
• Indoor
• Light system HLG Rspec 288s (1 per 2 plants)
• Temps; Day 79, Night 72
• Humidity; Day, Night ~60% constant
• Ventilation system; Yes 8" AC Infinity in a 5x5
• Humidifier,
• Co2; No

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I think your good. I don’t see any pest damage. Maybe some old nute burn or possibly some magnesium stealing going on there. Plants look great👍

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I usually beat up my lower fan leaves. I have a few that look like that.