Unusually slow growth

A question from a fellow grower:

I germinated 6 seeds 8 days ago. Potted 2 sprouts two days latter on the 7th,1 on the 8th and three more on the 9th. Their growth have been unusually slow and the two that were first Potted are really Wimpy!
I don’t have a lot of growing experience to date but have always had seeds more mature looking with sturdy sprouts and quicker growth timelines.
I would be lying if I said I was not concerned but maybe you can offer some advice. I’m inserting a picture I took at 10 thirty this morning.

I got the Big Bud kit (BB-F 10 2ea). I used a local brand potting mix that had worm castings,bone meal,feather meal palm fibers, volcanic rock which I sifted out along with wood chips, small tree branches and anything that wouldn’t fit though a 1/4 in. Soil sifter. Mixed in Perlite for drainage. Roughly 15 to 20%.
No added nutrients add yet and none that I know of added to the potting mix. Their left out in full sunlight during the day and put under a double CFL lamp (60 watt) till the morning. Days are mid 80 s nights mid to high 60 s. Humidity runs a little high here but we’re in our winter season so not to bad. No AC or C O 2 used.

Claire, to hopefully point you in the right direction I hope, you should be happy! You germed 6/6.

Now as far as the pics go…if those baby girls are getting 100% I only see 2/6 sprouted out of the soil…lol I’m very confused

@ClaireILGM . you are definably my favorite ILGM girl … next to my SSH . :wink: :smiling_imp: as to the fellow grower . those look awfully wet . feel the weight of the containers prior to watering .then use a mister to water with till their bigger . also I recommend placing them under florescent lite s for 18 hr a day till they get 4-5 leaf sets .then place outside .don’t switch them back and forth . Also that black tray will cause them to get hot by absorbing the suns rays . and cook them baby girls … May i ask about the genetics .??

Hammer .

@Fellow Grower

I count 6. But anyway. How far is the light from the plants ?
Also the temp at night is your problem, as far as growth go’s and germination go’s.
Bring that temp up at night to at least 78 degree’s the cold tamp soil will also delay or stop germination.
Because that’s a 20% drop in temper and its slows growth and germination Tate.
A big plus would be to place a heating pad under your trastrasy’s.