Unusual look, ok or something wrong?

strain: zkittles auto
age: 10th week of flower
method: soil
vessel: pot
location/light: indoor/led
temp: ~80
ventilation: yes

I think the foxtailing is from temp being too high most of flowering,
but what is the pink, budrot?

Those are foxtails they usually happen in response to to much light or as in your case there is nothing left for the plant to put energy towards , if foxtails are ripe then your main bud is getting a lil overipe


That “pink” is suss as all get out.

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Not sure I’m that worried about it - OP, what’s it smell like? Does the pink rub off?

It looks like fall colors, but I won’t swear it’s totally normal since it’s isolated to one spot on one bud (unless it’s more widespread and we’re just seeing the clearest example).

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Nah zkittles get purple tips that’s normal but that brown does look like deficiency tranfering to bud since theres no leaves left

Thanks for the replies. I looked down in there, all over, just a couple dried brown leaves, nothing remarkable to see, and smells sweet. Also nothing wiped off on my fingers except sticky clear. First grow so I don’t know if it’s ok.