Unusual but Successful Grow

zKittlez Order # 2199590. This was a very odd grow. I believe that I decided to plant this strain because of the low odor and I had heard folks say that it didn’t need a great deal of direct light. Can’t remember where I read that, but it isn’t necessarily true. Put three in the cup and three came out of the cup. All made it through seeding the peat pod, used Happy Frog with cloth 3 gallon pots. Great, all is well. But, we tried using a four pronged octopus style grow light with supplemental window sun. Not unsuccessful, but not optimal. The little dudes stretched so much before we caught it they were quite spindly. So, we decided to let them live in the light of the lord, (full sun, back porch) and they produced well. See pics after… the strange this is that they almost slowed down flowering. It took 12 weeks from the first pistils until last week. It is almost like they decided they would wait for 12/12 sun before finishing. Is this something that others have seen?

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Pics of grow…


Not sure where you heard this either. Light intensity is direct to photosynthetic energy. While some may be a little more manageable than others you definitely don’t want to skimp on light. In a window isn’t enough, would depend on how strong of a light you were using but im guessing this is the reason you seen the stretch. You probably made excellent call by moving outdoors.